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Jodhpur to Pali Bus

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Jodhpur to Pali Bus

Looking for a bus ticket on a luxury bus while paying a low rate can be a daunting task. People have to scramble between agents, kiosks, or booking portals that are available online. Thankfully, there is a one-stop remedy to every traveler’s predicament when it comes to booking a bus ticket online. redBus offers tickets at low rates on buses run by some of the top operators. If a person plans on booking a seat on a bus from Jodhpur to Pali, visit the redBus platform and reserve a seat with a few simple steps. Passengers can sort out their search results by using a number of available filters such as departure or arrival timings, bus fare, duration, and much more. Passengers can select their boarding and dropping points from a plethora of options that are available on the route between Jodhpur and Pali.


How can I book a bus ticket online from one route to another??

A: You can simply log on to, choose any specific country you would like to book a bus in, and select the source and destination. After choosing the route and the date, you will find a number of options for buses available. redBus site is user-friendly and booking a bus ticket is just a matter of a few minutes.

Do I need to print my ticket for this bus route?

A: This depends upon the bus operator and the country you are travelling in. You can check this information while booking a bus ticket for a particular bus operator. However, most of the bus operators allow M-ticket or E-ticket sent to your registered email address, you may require to print the ticket if any bus operator specifically asks for the same.

Where can I find the location of my bus stop?

A: As you get the listing of buses available on a selected route, you can click on the 'Boarding & Dropping Point' tab to check the exact location of your pickup and drop-off points. redBus also offers ‘Track my bus’ facility in a few countries to check the live location of the bus.

How early should I arrive for the trip?

A: Passengers are required to reach the boarding place at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the bus.

Can I reschedule my bus ticket on this route?

A: Yes, you can. However, this option is available with some selected bus operators on You just have to enter your bus ticket number and email address, verify your ticket details, and choose a reschedule date.

At what time do buses start from Jodhpur to Pali?

A: Buses from Jodhpur to Pali generally start early in the morning and continue until late evening. However, the bus timings may vary depending on the bus operators and season. This is where redBus helps you out. You need not contact several bus operators to get updated about the bus schedules. You will find all the updated information on redBus website while booking a bus ticket online.

Are there any discounts available on the route from Jodhpur to Pali?

A: Jodhpur to Pali is one of the popular routes and it’s quite likely that you may get exciting discounts on booking bus tickets through redBus on this route. It would be better if you plan your journey in advance and book your tickets so that you can get the best price and best seat for your trip.



  • bheru chauraya paota,9252427777,9928866611,9079185841 9252427777,9928866611,9079185841
  • .khalsa travels ,mandeep tower 8005707523/9829008002
  • 5 batti circle, near hotel chandra inn
  • 5 batti circle, near hotel chandra inn 8905821024
  • AKHALIYA CHOURAHA 9783574400
  • B r travels opp l i c office, mandore road paota jodhpur 7413046111,7413047444
  • B R travels opp. Rawan ka chabutra, residency road 7413047444,0291-2633972
  • B r travels opp. Rawan ka chabutra, residency road 7413047444,2633972
  • B r travels,c\o pooja travels railway station jodhpur 7413047444
  • B r travels, basni mandi mode,saraswati tower, 7413047444, 7413046444
  • B R travels, basni mandi mode,saraswati tower, 7413047444, 7413046444,0291-2722877
  • B r travels, basni mandi mode,saraswati tower, 7413047444, 7413046444,2722877
  • B.o. Saraswat travels
  • Basni Mandi Mod
  • BASNI MANDI MOD 9783574400
  • Basni mandi mode
  • Basni Mandi Mode 02912614013,02912771642
  • BASNI MANDI MODE 02912651956,2651958
  • Basni Mandi Mode, Pali Road
  • Basni Mandi Mode, Pali Road 0
  • Basni mandi moode 8005707523/9829008002
  • Bathni Mandi Mol Pali Road
  • BHARU JI CHOURAYA 02912651956,2651958
  • Bharu ji Chouraya 02912771642
  • Bharuji Ka choraya 9314921024
  • bhasani Krishi Mandi Mode
  • bhasani Krishi Mandi Mode 02912635000,8058022007
  • Bhati Choraha 8005707523/9829008002
  • Bheru chauraha 9414033018
  • Bheru circle 8005707523/9829008002
  • Bheruji choraha
  • Bheruji Circle
  • bheruji ka choraha, near cambridge school - 8905821024
  • bheruji ka choraha, near cambridge school - 8905821024 8905821024
  • BJS Banar Road (By pickup van)
  • Cambridge school Riktiya bheru circle
  • Cazri
  • Cazri 9549541288,,9549591288
  • cazri road 9783574400
  • Cazri Road,Opp-Rathi Steel,Jodhpur
  • Cazri Road,Opp-Rathi Steel,Jodhpur 9929622229,02912786966
  • Chandra travels pauta
  • Check post
  • Check post 9314921024
  • Check Post Pali Road
  • Check Post Pali Road 02912614013
  • Chek Post Pali Road
  • Chek Post Pali Road 02912635000,8058022007
  • Chek post pali road jodhpur
  • circuit house circle jodhpur
  • circuit house circle jodhpur 8905821024
  • Dalle Khan Ki Chaki Circle
  • Daukiya Travels,12th Road Choraha ,12Th Pal Road,Near Shyam Exilence,Jodhpur
  • Daukiya Travels,12th Road Choraha ,12Th Pal Road,Near Shyam Exilence,Jodhpur 02912777779,9799831493,8448449313
  • DPS Circle,Jodhpur 01462254076,8448449313
  • Gajraj Travels opp LIC office paota
  • Gajraj travels opp LIC office, paota
  • Gogadev travels near barkatullah stadium pal road 9828483132
  • Gujarat travels, babu rajendra marg, opp. Ayushi tower, pal road, jodhpur - 9214177700
  • Gujarat travels, bashni mandi mode, pali road, jodhpur
  • Gujarat travels, check post- pali road
  • Gujarat travels, chopasni housing board 3rd bridge - 9214177700-88800
  • Gujarat travels, jhalamande circle, pali road, jodhpur
  • Gujarat travels, nr. Rohat bus stand
  • Gujarat travels, railway station (by van) - 9214177700-88800
  • Gujarat travels, shatabdi circle, pali road, jodhpur
  • Jain travels - near kalpatru cinema
  • Jain travels paota hotel abhay days ujjawal niwas
  • Jain travels_olampic road jalori gate
  • Jakhar Travels,Jhalamand Chorahiya,Jodhpur 9468992000
  • Jakhar Travels,Mandore Road Paota
  • Jakhar Travels,Mandore Road Paota 02912545205,7821826617
  • Jakhar Travels,Samrat Ashok Udyan
  • Jakhar Travels,Samrat Ashok Udyan 02912712234,09929611119
  • Jalaman circle
  • JALAMAND CIRCLE 02912651956,2651958
  • jalori gate 8905821024
  • Jalori gate amar chambers olmpic cinema road
  • Jeet College
  • Jhalamad circle
  • Jhalamand circle
  • Jhalamand Circle 02912635000,8058022007
  • Jhalamand circle 2544101
  • Jhalamand circle 9950141188, 9799801588
  • Jhalamand circle jodhpur 7413047444, 7413046444
  • Jhalamand circle jodhpur 7413047444, 7413046444,0291-2722877
  • Jhalamand circle jodhpur 7413047444, 7413046444,2722877
  • jhalamand jhorahaya 9549541288
  • Jhalamande Circle
  • Jhalamande circle 8005707523/9829008002
  • Jodhpur 9783574400
  • Jodhpur check post 7413047444, 7413046444
  • Kajri Road OPP.Rati Esteel
  • Kalpatru cinema road
  • Kalpatru cinema road 9950141188, 9799801588
  • Kalpatru Cinema Road, Laxmi Travels
  • Kalpatru Cinema Road, Laxmi Travels 02912614013,2771642
  • Kalpatru Road (By pickup van)
  • Kalpatru Road (By pickup van) 02912633838,9828354449
  • Kalpatru Road 02912633838,9828354449
  • Kalptaru cinema
  • Kankani 02912712234,09929611119
  • Kankani 7413047444,9610033033
  • Kazri Bus Stand (Jodhpur)
  • Kazri Bus Stand (Jodhpur) 02912614013,02915107630
  • Kazri Road Opp Giraj Steel Laxmi Travellers
  • Kazri Road Opp Giraj Steel Laxmi Travellers 8769121120
  • Laxmi Travellers Near, Relway Stataion
  • Laxmi Travellers,Jalamand Circle
  • Laxmi Travellers,Jalamand Circle 9928228237
  • Laxmi travels kalpatru cinema road
  • Laxmi travels kalpatru cinema road 02912651958,2771642
  • Laxmi travels paota maanji ka hatta
  • Laxmi travels paota maanji ka hatta 02912651956
  • M R Travels Near Pratap nagar-0291-2633687
  • M R Travels Near Pratap nagar-0291-2633687 02912633687
  • M R Travels, Basni
  • M R Travels, Basni 02912722233
  • M.R Travels Basni
  • M.R Travels Basni 8104864946
  • M.R Travels Jhalamand 9001399913
  • M.R Travels Jhalamand 9001399913 9001399913
  • M.R Travels Pratap Nagar
  • M.R Travels Pratap Nagar 02912633687,7357340555
  • Madhuban mandi mod
  • Madhuban Mandi Mode
  • mahadev travells railway station - 02912633976
  • mahadev travells railway station - 02912772555
  • Mahadev Travels Agency
  • Mahadev travels agency, railway station 8005707523/9829008002
  • Mahadev travels kalpatru cinema road 8005707523/9829008002
  • Main Pal Road,Near Barkatulla Khan Stadiyum
  • Main Pal Road,Near Barkatulla Khan Stadiyum 9929922224
  • main pal road,near barkatulla khan stadiyum, iit madical acadamy 9549541288,,9549591288
  • Man ji ka hatha 9950141188, 9799801588
  • Mandi Mod Basni
  • Mandi mode
  • Mandi mode 2544101
  • Mandi Mode 8905821024
  • Mandi Mode 9314921024
  • Mandi mode bashni
  • Mandi mode basni 9950141188, 9799801588
  • Mandi Mor ,Basni ,jodhpur 01149096402,84448449313
  • mandor aankaliya chauraya,9252427777,9928866611,9079185841 9252427777,9928866611,9079185841
  • Mani mode pali road
  • Mogra 02912712234,09929611119
  • Mogra 7413047444,9610033033
  • nai sadak -8905821024 8905821024
  • Nai sadak churaha
  • New apex chandra paota 'b' mandore raod jodhpur
  • New apex chandra paota 'b' mandore raod jodhpur 2544101
  • New apex chandra travels kalpatru
  • New apex chandra travels pal road
  • Om travels barvi road circle 0291-2633941,2633924,,2616431
  • Pali check post 7413047444, 7413046444,0291-2722877
  • Pali check post 7413047444, 7413046444,2722877
  • Pali check post 9950141188, 9799801588
  • Pali Road Checkpost
  • Pali road checkpost 2544101
  • Paota - kalpana travels
  • Paota circle
  • paota circle near kissan bhawan 8905821024 8905821024
  • Paota Circle, Jodhpur 9252427777,9928866611,9079185841
  • Paota Manji Ka Hatha
  • Paota Manji Ka Hatha 9828354446,02912545075,02912545076
  • Paota suncity hospital
  • Paota, Khalsa Motors, Gorband Guest House, Mandore Road 8005707523/9829008002
  • Pili tanki bhagat ki kothi 8005707523/9829008002
  • Plot no 26 opp giriraj steel kazri road, near shastri nagar thana, jodhpur
  • Poata Cicle
  • POOJA TRAVELS PAOTA 8875403975 8875403975
  • Pooja travels rawan ka chabutra ke samne regidency road
  • Prince tours_ opp kishan hotel
  • Railway station ranchod ji ke mandir ke niche jodhpur
  • Rathore Travels Agency
  • Rawan Ka Chabutra-
  • Rawan Ka Chabutra- (Pickup Van) 9772746495
  • Rikitya bheruji circle
  • Riktiya Bheru Choraha
  • Riktiya bheru circle
  • Riktiya bheruji
  • Riktiya bheruji circle
  • Rohat 02912712234,09929611119
  • Rohat 7413047444,9610033033
  • Salasar travels opp. Iit academy pal road 9950141188, 9799801588
  • Salasar vaishnav travels shastri nagar police thana nagori bhawan kajri road 9950141188, 9799801588
  • Shatabdi circle
  • Shatabdi circle 2544101
  • Shatabdi circle 7413047444,9610033033
  • Shatabdi circle 9414111576
  • Shatadbdi circle 8005707523/9829008002
  • shree devnarayan travells Bhagat Ki Khothi 8905821024
  • shree devnarayan travells Bhagat Ki Khothi 9314921024
  • shree devnarayan travells Jhalamand Circle 9314921024
  • shree devnarayan travels opp hotel suraj gar dan near indiabullas building 8905821024 8905821024
  • Shree DevnarayanTravels E -42 Kalptaru shoping center
  • Shree Ganesh Travels, Dallekhan Ki Chakki, Pal Road,Jodhpur
  • Shree Ganesh Travels, Dallekhan Ki Chakki, Pal Road,Jodhpur 9649091328
  • Shri gajraj travel opp. Lic office paota mandor road jodhpur
  • Shri gajraj travel dallekha ki chaki
  • Shri gajraj travels near dalle khan ki chakki opp.gangeswar mahadev mandir jodhpur
  • Shri gajraj travels near dalle khan ki chakki opp gangeshwar mahadev mandir jodhupr
  • SHRI VISHWAKARMA Travels Oppt Giriraj Steel Cazri Road 9549541288,,9549591288
  • Suncity Hospital Paota circle
  • Tiger travells paota- 8905821024
  • Tiger travells paota- 9314921024
  • Tiger travels near suncity hospital 9414111576
  • Tiger travels, near barkatullah stadium 8949529775
  • V K JAIN TRAVELS 02912635000,8058022007
  • V.K Jain Travels (Paota)
  • V.K Jain Travels (Paota) 02915108411,2556780
  • V.K Jain Travels Kalptaru Cinema Road
  • V.K Jain Travels Kalptaru Cinema Road 02912635000,8058022007,8058508444
  • V.K Jain Travels Parking Main Pal Road
  • V.K Jain Travels Parking Main Pal Road 02912633946,8875024007
  • V.K.Jain Travels Near Barkatullah Khan Stadium 9783574400


  • Ambedkar circle
  • Bus stand
  • Bus Stand, Pali
  • By pass (pali)
  • By Pass Pali
  • By Pass Pali,9252427777,9928866611,9079185841
  • Bypass (pali)
  • Gujarat travels opp new bus stand sumerpur road pali
  • Jakhar Travels Nr Hotel Shrinath Bypass Road,Pali
  • Jakhar travels, Opp New bus stand
  • Laxmi traveller,near roopam hotel new bus stand pali
  • M. R . Travels, opp. New bus stand, pali - 9414119646
  • M. R. Travels, nr, manthan talkies, pali - 9414119646
  • PALI
  • Pali Bypass
  • Rajan Travels Hotel Panihari ByPass pali
  • Shri Vishwakarma Travels,Near.Hotel Shreenath,Bye Pass Road,Pali
  • sri nath hotel pali by pass-9314921024
  • V.K Jain Travels
  • V.K Jain Travels , PALI.


Visit the redBus app or website to view the rest stops that are available on the way while traveling by bus from Jodhpur to Pali. There are several offers and cashback options that a customer can avail on the redBus app and website.

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