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Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai Bus

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Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai Bus

Looking for a bus ticket on a luxury bus while paying a low rate can be a daunting task. People have to scramble between agents, kiosks, or booking portals that are available online. Thankfully, there is a one-stop remedy to every traveler’s predicament when it comes to booking a bus ticket online. redBus offers tickets at low rates on buses run by some of the top operators. If a person plans on booking a seat on a bus from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai, visit the redBus platform and reserve a seat with a few simple steps. Passengers can sort out their search results by using a number of available filters such as departure or arrival timings, bus fare, duration, and much more. Passengers can select their boarding and dropping points from a plethora of options that are available on the route between Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai.


How can I book a bus ticket online from one route to another??

A: You can simply log on to, choose any specific country you would like to book a bus in, and select the source and destination. After choosing the route and the date, you will find a number of options for buses available. redBus site is user-friendly and booking a bus ticket is just a matter of a few minutes.

Do I need to print my ticket for this bus route?

A: This depends upon the bus operator and the country you are travelling in. You can check this information while booking a bus ticket for a particular bus operator. However, most of the bus operators allow M-ticket or E-ticket sent to your registered email address, you may require to print the ticket if any bus operator specifically asks for the same.

Where can I find the location of my bus stop?

A: As you get the listing of buses available on a selected route, you can click on the 'Boarding & Dropping Point' tab to check the exact location of your pickup and drop-off points. redBus also offers ‘Track my bus’ facility in a few countries to check the live location of the bus.

How early should I arrive for the trip?

A: Passengers are required to reach the boarding place at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the bus.

Can I reschedule my bus ticket on this route?

A: Yes, you can. However, this option is available with some selected bus operators on You just have to enter your bus ticket number and email address, verify your ticket details, and choose a reschedule date.

At what time do buses start from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai?

A: Buses from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai generally start early in the morning and continue until late evening. However, the bus timings may vary depending on the bus operators and season. This is where redBus helps you out. You need not contact several bus operators to get updated about the bus schedules. You will find all the updated information on redBus website while booking a bus ticket online.

Are there any discounts available on the route from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai?

A: Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai is one of the popular routes and it’s quite likely that you may get exciting discounts on booking bus tickets through redBus on this route. It would be better if you plan your journey in advance and book your tickets so that you can get the best price and best seat for your trip.



  • Shantivilla Hotel Bus Parking,Shantivilla Bus Parking,Mahabaleshwar,(pick up by taxi) 9763978232,9595655532
  • (pickup by van upto vaiphata) , near bus stand, mahableshwar
  • Amedkar Garden Panchgani
  • Anjuman
  • Anjuman 02168260040
  • Anjuman 9577005151,8855005151
  • Anjuman High School
  • Anjuman i Isamans Pubilc School
  • anjuman i isamans public school
  • Anjuman I samans Pubilc School
  • Anjuman islam public school
  • Anjuman-I-Isaman's Pubilc School
  • Anjuman-I-Isaman's Pubilc School 02228958822,02228958833,9699009494
  • Anjuman-i-islaman's public school
  • Arya Resort
  • Bhagyalaxmi-wai phata hotel saipark
  • Bhilar
  • Bhilar 02168260040
  • Bhilar 9577005151,8855005151
  • Bhilar Bus Stop
  • Bhilar- Bus Stand, Bypass Road
  • Bhilar- Bus Stand, Bypass Road 02168260535,02168261035
  • Bhose khind bus stop (bhilar)
  • Bhouse Khind Bus Stop
  • Bhouse Khind Bus Stop (Bhilar)
  • Bilhar Bus Stand,Bypass Road
  • Bilhar Bus Stand,Bypass Road 02228958822,02228958833,9699009494
  • Bondarwadi
  • Bondarwadi 02168260040
  • Bondarwadi 02168260535,02168261035
  • Bondarwadi 9577005151,8855005151
  • Brightland Bus Stop
  • By pass wai phata sai park hotel
  • Dandeghar Naka
  • Dandeghar Naka 02168260535,02168261035
  • Dream Land Hotel
  • Dreamland Hotel 02228958822,02228958833,9699009494
  • Hotel Amruta Garden
  • Hotel Dreamland
  • Hotel Dreamland Bus Stand
  • Hotel Dreamland Bus Stand 9577005151,8855005151
  • Hotel Saj
  • Hotel Saj 9577005151,8855005151
  • Hotel Suman raj 9577005151,8855005151
  • Hotel Sumanraj
  • Hotel Surya
  • Hotel Surya 02168260040
  • Hotel Surya 9577005151,8855005151
  • Hotel Swiss Country
  • Hotel United 21
  • hotel united 21 /surya hotel
  • Hotel United 21 02168260040
  • Hotel United-21
  • Hotel United-21 02168261783
  • Hotel United-21 9577005151,8855005151
  • Hotel United-21/Surya Hotel
  • Krsna travels head office- opp. Dreamland hotel
  • Mahabaleshwar - Shanti Villa Hotrl (Pickup Van)
  • Mahabaleshwar - Shanti Villa Hotrl (Pickup Van) 02313200061
  • Mahabaleshwar mepro gardan pickup by car 9624117450
  • Mahabaleshwar ST Stand (Pickup By Van)
  • Mahabaleshwar- Brightland Bus Stop
  • Mahabaleshwar- Brightland Bus Stop (Food Studio Restaurant) 02168260535,02168261035
  • Mahabaleshwar- Brightland Bus Stop 02168260535,02168261035
  • Mahabaleshwar- Hotel Saj
  • Mahabaleshwar- Hotel Saj 02168260535,02168261035
  • Mahabaleshwar- Hotel Sumanraj
  • Mahabaleshwar- Hotel Sumanraj 02168260535,02168261035
  • Mahabaleshwar- M/s Chirag Travels C/O Krsna Travels Opp Hotel Dreamland
  • Mahabaleshwar- M/s Chirag Travels C/O Krsna Travels Opp Hotel Dreamland 02168260535,02168261035
  • Mahabaleshwar- Mapro Garden
  • Mahabaleshwar- Mapro Garden (Pickup By Van)
  • Mahabaleshwar- Mapro Garden 02168260535,02168261035
  • Mahabaleshwar- strand,pick up vehicle
  • Mahabaleshwar- Surya Retreat Bellavista
  • Mahabaleshwar- Surya Retreat Bellavista 02168260535,02168261035
  • Mahabaleshwar-wai phata
  • Mahabaleshwer bus stand by pickup van 0231-2538181,9373276476
  • Mahableshwar-Waiphata
  • Mahableshwar-Waiphata 9763978232,9595655532
  • Mapro Gardan
  • Mapro Gardan 02228958822,02228958833,9699009494
  • Mapro garden
  • Mapro garden (pickup by van upto vaiphata)
  • Mapro Garden 02168260040
  • Mapro Garden 9577005151,8855005151
  • Met - Gutad,Sagar Vila Hotel
  • Met Gutad (Sagar Vila Hotel)
  • Met Gutad 02168260040
  • Met Gutad 9577005151,8855005151
  • Met Gutad Bus Stop
  • met gutad hotel shahee pearl
  • Met Gutad Sagar Vila Hotel
  • Met gutad sagar villa hotel
  • Met-Gutad
  • Met-Gutad (Shai Pearl Hotel) 02168260535,02168261035
  • Met-Gutad 02168260535,02168261035
  • MetGutad
  • NATIONAL HIGHWAY 4 BYPASS PARK IN HOTEL WAIPHATA 9595655532,9595755532,9763978232
  • Neeta hotel Shantivilla Mahabaleshwar Bus Parking
  • Neeta hotel Shantivilla Mahabaleshwar Bus Parking 02168260522
  • Neeta Hotel, Shantivilla Bus Parking,Shantivilla Bus Parking,Mahabaleshwar(pick up by taxi)
  • Neeta Hotel, Shantivilla Bus Parking,Shantivilla Bus Parking,Mahabaleshwar(pick up by taxi) 9763978232,9595755532,9595655532
  • Neeta Shantivilla Hotel (Pickup Van)
  • Pachgani bus stand (mapro garden (pickup by van upto vaiphata)
  • Panchagini - Nagarpalika Bus Parking
  • Panchagini - Nagarpalika Bus Parking, Opp. Dr Ambedkar Garden
  • Panchagini - Nagarpalika Bus Parking, Opp. Dr Ambedkar Garden 02168260522
  • Panchagini - Nagarpalika Bus stand
  • Panchagini Nagarpalika Bus Parking
  • Panchgani
  • Panchgani - ambedkar garden
  • Panchgani -Near Nagar Palika Parking
  • Panchgani -Near Nagar Palika Parking 02228958822,02228958833,9699009494
  • Panchgani Muncipal Parking
  • Panchgani nagarpalika parking
  • Panchgani- Anjuman High School
  • Panchgani- Anjuman High School 02168260535,02168261035
  • Panchgani- Bus Stand (Pickup By Van)
  • Panchgani- Hotel Ravine
  • Panchgani- Hotel Ravine 02168260535,02168261035
  • Panchgani- Muncipal Parking (Ambedkar Garden)
  • Panchgani- Muncipal Parking (Ambedkar Garden) 02168260535,02168261035
  • Panchghani bus stop
  • Panchgini - Nagarpalika Bus Parking
  • Panchgini - Nagarpalika Bus Parking 02168260040
  • Panchgini - Nagarpalika Bus Parking 9577005151,8855005151
  • Panchgini bus stand 0231-2538181,9373276476
  • Park inn hotel wai phata 9373276476
  • Pickup, Hotel dream Land Near Bus Stand
  • Pickup, Hotel dream Land Near Bus Stand 02168260040
  • Saj Hotel
  • Saj hotel - mahabaleshwar-panchgani road
  • Saj Hotel 02168260040
  • Sanjeewan naka
  • Sanjeewan Naka 02168260535,02168261035
  • Shantivilla Hotel Bus Parking,Shantivilla Bus Parking,Mahabaleshwar,(pick up by taxi)
  • Shirur Phata - Park Inn Hotel
  • Shirur Phata - Park Inn Hotel 9850600565
  • Shirur Phata - Park Inn Hotel By Taxi Drop Mahabaleshwar 9850600565
  • Suman Raj Hotel
  • Suman Raj Hotel 02168260040
  • Suman Raj Hotel, Mahabaleshwar Panchgani Road
  • Suman Raj Hotel, Mahabaleshwar Panchgani Road 02228958822,02228958833,9699009494
  • Suman raj hotel, mahableshwar-panchgani road,
  • Surur Fata,Hotel Park Inn
  • Surur Fata,Hotel Park Inn 9850600565
  • Surya RetreatBellavista
  • Swami Hotel Blue Park
  • Swami Hotel Blue Park 02168260040
  • United 21
  • United 21 hotel
  • Vai bus stand (pachgani bus stand (mapro garden (pickup by van upto vaiphata)
  • Vidhyani ketan (Ganesh Prasad Travels)
  • Wai
  • Wai - bus stop
  • Wai - Rajesh Travels 02168260040
  • Wai - Rajesh Travels 9577005151,8855005151
  • Wai -Rajesh Travels
  • Wai -Rajesh Travels 02228958822,02228958833,9699009494
  • Wai (Rajesh Travels)
  • Wai phata - abhiruchi hotel
  • Wai Phata- Sai Park Hotel (Pickup By Van)
  • Wai rajesh travel
  • Wai Rajesh Travels
  • Wai-Opp S.T Bus Stand
  • Wai-Opp S.T Bus Stand 02168260535,02168261035
  • wakad pune


  • Airoli
  • Andheri
  • Andheri (e) bisleri company
  • Andheri East
  • Andheri-(E) M/s Chirag Travels, Near Natraj Studio, Below Metro Bridge
  • Anushakti Nagar
  • Bandra
  • Bandra (E) Kherwadi Signal
  • Bandra East
  • Bandra-(E) ONGC, Near Bandra Court
  • Belapur CBD
  • Bhandup
  • Bhandup West
  • Bhayander
  • Borivali
  • Borivali (E) National Park Axis Bank
  • Borivali East
  • Borivali West
  • Borivali-(E) M/s Chirag Travels, National Dairy Farm, Opp. National Park Gate, Near Omkareshwar Temple.
  • Byculla
  • CBD Belapur
  • CBD Belapur- Fly Over Bridge End
  • Chembur
  • Chembur E (Cheda Nagar Bus Stop)
  • Chembur East
  • Chembur West
  • Chembur-(E) Near Yogi Restaurant, Diamond Garden
  • CST Station
  • Dadar
  • Dadar East
  • Dadar West
  • Dahisar
  • Dahisar East
  • Dharavi
  • Dombivali
  • Ghansoli
  • Ghatkopar
  • Ghatkopar East
  • Ghatkoper West
  • Ghodbundar
  • Goregaon
  • Goregaon (E) Ratna Travels
  • Goregaon East
  • Goregaon-(E) Virvani Bus Stop
  • Jogeshwari
  • Jogeshwari East
  • Kalamboli
  • Kalamboli (Mc Donald)
  • Kalamboli-(W) Opp. Mcdonald, Highway
  • Kalamboli(W)- Opp. Mcdonald
  • Kalyan
  • Kandivali
  • Kandivali (E) Samtanagar Police Station
  • Kandivali East
  • Kashimira East
  • Katraj Highway
  • Khar East
  • Kharghar
  • Kharghar (Hiranandani Complex)
  • Kharghar- Little World Mall
  • Kopar Khainar
  • Kurla
  • Malad
  • Malad East
  • Malad-(E) Pushpa Park Bus Stop
  • Mankhurd
  • Manor
  • Mira Road East
  • Mulund
  • Mulund East
  • Mulund West
  • Mumbai Central
  • Nalasopara
  • Nerul
  • Nerul (L.P.)
  • Nerul-(W) Bikaner Corner
  • Panvel
  • Parel
  • Rabale
  • Sanpada
  • Santacruz
  • Santacruz East
  • Santacruz-(E) Panbai High School
  • Sion
  • Sion (Chuna Bhatti) Bridge Ending
  • Sion-(E) Vrundavan Hotel
  • Thane
  • Thane West
  • Turbhe
  • Ulhasnagar
  • Vasai Phata
  • Vashi
  • Vashi Plaza
  • Vashi-(W) Central One Mall, Highway
  • Vikhroli East
  • Vile Parle East
  • Vile Parle(E) End Of Bridge Ending, Below Fly Over Bridge, Sambhaji Nagar Bus Stop.
  • Virar


Visit the redBus app or website to view the rest stops that are available on the way while traveling by bus from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai. There are several offers and cashback options that a customer can avail on the redBus app and website.

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