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About Bath

Bath, the biggest city in Somerset County, is better known for its rich culture and heritage. The city boasts of its Roman-Georgian-Medieval culture and heritage. It got its name after the Romans founded the various baths in it. They created several thermal spas around the city. Later it got its importance for being the largest wool industry during the Middle Ages. It is easy to reach here as the Bath bus station is within a mile of the Roman Baths. Tourists can easily find a bus to Bath from other cities such as London, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Sheffield, etc.

King George III revived this place into a city that is now enigmatic with various Palladian buildings and others inspired by Roman architecture. The city of Bath got the distinction of being included as a Cultural Site in the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites. The entire city is included in it, not just a part of it. The various natural thermal spas and the Roman remains here were a major part of it. Today, Bath is one of the most prosperous cities in the UK with tourists thronging the place regularly throughout the year.

Quick Guide to Bath

Bath offers a plethora of interesting places from its natural spas and Roman architecture to the latest historical connection for being home to the famous author Jane Austen. If you take those various places into account, you can easily fill up your travel itinerary for an entire week. Here is a quick peek at the famous tourist places or interesting things to do in Bath.

What to See in Bath

  • Alexandra Park
  • The Green Park Station
  • The Assembly Rooms
  • Sally Lunn’s Kitchen museum
  • Salisbury Cathedral

What to do at Bath

  • Take a ride on the steam engine train from Avon Valley railway
  • Experience the dark world at Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein
  • Haynes International Motor Museum to see the largest collection of cars and motorcycles
  • Ustinov Studio for a theatre experience

What to know about Bath

  • Bath is the perfect destination for an extensive shopping spree
  • William Herschel had successfully discovered the planet Uranus with his homemade telescope from his home at New King Street, Bath.
  • The streets of Bath are featured in several Hollywood movies.
  • It was Bath, from where the first-ever stamped letter in the world was posted.

How to Travel to Bath

Bath is connected at national and international levels through its network of buses, trains, and flights. The Bath Interchange serves as a common ground for the bus station and railway station where rides arrive from various towns and cities in the UK. The nearest airport to Bath is the Bristol airport. Buses services will take you directly from the airport to Bath. A small account of the various ways of travelling to Bath is mentioned here.

  • Buses to Bath

Travelling to Bath by bus is the cheapest and easiest way. Bus to Bath is available from various other cities within Britain and Europe. A Bath bus can connect you to those parts and the airports in and around the city. Bus tickets are conveniently available online and with multiple trips on each route, you can easily get a seat on these. The Bath bus station is just a 6 min walk from the city centre. The bus station serves as part of the integration of the transport interchange with shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, etc., in the same complex. The Bath bus is connected to other cities such as Liverpool, Birmingham, Heathrow Airport, London, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, etc from this station.

  • Trains to Bath

The main railway station at Bath is the Bath Spa railway station where the trains from the Great Western Line connect to. The main trains that connect to Bath are from London Paddington and Portsmouth Harbour. The other trains are from Oxford and Bristol. It may take an average time of one hour to reach Bath from these places. Train journeys can be expensive and the availability of trains is also lower when compared to buses.

  • Flights to Bath

The nearest airport to Bath is the Bristol airport which is 16 miles away from the city centre. The other airports that are within 100miles of Bath are London Heathrow, London Luton, London Gatwick, and Birmingham airports. International flights arrive from various European countries here. Airdecker, the Bristol airport bus to Bath will take you to the city centre and the Bath To Bristol airport bus starts from Terrace Walk.

Top Bus Routes to and From Bath

Bath is reachable by bus from various parts of England and Europe. The bus from Frome to Bath, Wells to Bath bus, Oxford to Bath bus are just a few of the to and from buses based in Bath. The famous routes that the buses in Bath take are,

  • Bath to Bournemouth
  • Bath to Leicester
  • Bath to Portsmouth
  • Bath to Southampton
  • Cambridge to Bath
  • Cardiff to Bath
  • Edinburgh to Bath
  • Glasgow to Bath
  • Nottingham to Bath
  • Swansea to Bath

Top Things to Do in Bath

Tourism at Bath is all about the ancient buildings and the museum that preserves its rich heritage. The hot spring spas are a must-visit along with some cathedrals and bridges to name some. Here are the most popular tourist attractions in Bath.

The Roman Baths

The first and foremost tourist attraction in Bath is its Roman Baths that have natural thermal hot springs. Though it was an English King who discovered this place, it was the Romans who made it this magnificent natural spa. The water temperature ranges at 45 degrees and gushes out from at least 10,000 ft underground. The water is rich in 43 minerals making it one of the most unique features. The Roman Baths bus is available from the bus station or you can also hop on the sightseeing buses in the city.

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is a Cathedral made in Gothic style with imposing towers. Climb the 200 plus steps to reach the top to get a spectacular view of the city below. The highlight of this view is a bird's eye view of the Roman Baths. Couples can enjoy an after-hour private climb for a memorable visit. There also are gift shops here to buy some memorabilia. The Bath Abbey bus from the railway station reaches the nearest bus stop which is one minute away from the cathedral.

Fashion Museum Bath

Here at the Fashion Museum Bath, you will find a fine collection of clothes ranging from contemporary to historical. Many of these clothes were the ones worn during the 16th century. There are at least 30 dolls decked up in ancient clothes and more than 30,000 clothes inside the museum. Any Fashion Museum Bath bus will bring you to the bus stop in front of the Assembly Rooms.

The Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is a row of 30 residences that together are made in a crescent shape. It was built during the Georgian era and is still preserved in all its glory. It is still a residential complex with terraces. The only hotel that functions in this building is The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa. To reach here, you can take The Royal Crescent bus and alight at the bus stop right next here. There are at least 5 routes that go through Royal Crescent.

Pulteney Bridge

What is peculiar about this bridge is that it is one of those rare bridges that still has a building over it. Unlike other bridges where people can walk on it, this bridge has a building over it. Complete with three arches, the Pulteney Bridge, made in 1774, has restaurants, shops and Georgian-era residences as well. You don't need to find a Pulteney Bridge bus to reach here as it is within walkable distance from the city centre.

The Holburne Museum

The museum is an art gallery that collects rare art pieces of famous artists. Various events such as music programmes and lectures also happen at this museum. The building overlooks the Sydney garden, an authentic pleasure garden built in the 18t century. You can board The Holburne Museum bus from the bus station or at the Guildhall and get down at the museum's stop.

Sydney Gardens

It is the garden that is right in front of the Holburne Museum. It is located at the end of Pulteney Street. The Sydney Gardens bus is the same as the ones to the museum or the Pulteney Bridge. It is also at a walkable distance from the town centre.

The Jane Austen Centre

Bath was home to the famous author Jane Austen and her townhouse is now converted into a literary centre, named after her. You can find her works displayed at the shop inside and a life-size wax statue of hers. Make sure you enjoy a cup of tea inside the tea room. If you take The Jane Austen Centre bus from the Bath bus station, London or other parts, you can directly arrive at the centre.

Royal Victoria Park

The Royal Victoria Park was built as a recreational area for the public. It was opened in 1830 by the then young Queen Victoria, before her ascension to the throne. The park offers plenty of options for relaxation and picnic spots. The Royal Victoria Park bus arrives at the Kingsmead bus stop and it is available from the bus station.

Theatre Royal

It is a Georgian building that used to be a live theatre. It is famous for its plush interiors and gorgeous designs inside. Several musical and theatrical performances are conducted here. The Theatre Royal bus reaches the bath City centre which is the nearest stop. You can just walk for a few minutes to reach here.

Where to Stay in Bath

In Bath, you will find all kinds of stay options whether it is an overnight stay, short stopover or a long vacation for a solo traveller, family, or couples. There are luxury hotels, budget hotels, cheap stays, etc. You just need to dig a bit more. Hotels are easily available around the city centre so that you can walk to the city and catch a bus or train easily. Most of the hotels provide access to those needing mobility accessories. There are family-friendly apartments to the dog-friendly accommodation options in Bath. If you are looking for an economical option for a stay, look for weekdays rather than the weekends.

What to eat in Bath

Bath welcomes its tourists with an array of restaurants that offer multiple cuisines from across the globe. Among them, special mention goes to the haddock and chips at The Scallop Shell, a famous dish by the chef who got a nomination at the National Fish & Chip Awards. The other special dishes one can enjoy at Bath are Chocolate tart with Schezuan custard, roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding, cocktails at The Dark Horse etc. The popular eateries in and around Bath that come highly recommended are,

  • The Pulteney Arms
  • Menu Gordon Jones
  • Corkage
  • The Circus
  • Bar 15, No 15 Great Pulteney
  • Bertinet Bakery
  • The Fine Cheese Co.

Best Time to Visit Bath

June to September is the best time to visit Bath as the sun will be out for most of the day during these months. It is warmer and more comfortable for tourists. July-August will be the warmest time of the year. The other time of the year will either be cold or wet. Winter in Bath would be colder and windy so it is not an ideal time for a visit. The next best season to visit here is from September to November during the fall. The temperature will be colder but still comfortable. December to February should be avoided as there will be extremely cold and snow during this time.

Boarding Points in Bath

Book a Bath bus to any of the other cities you want to visit by starting off your journey from one of the popular boarding points in Bath. The boarding points in Bath vary from one operator to the other. Given below are the popular boarding points in Bath:

  • Bath London Road
  • Bath Bus Station
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Dropping Points in Bath

You can check the list of dropping points in Bath and select the most suitable one according to your convenience. The drop-off points in Bath vary according to bus operators. Take a look at the popular dropping points in Bath

  • Bath Bus Station
  • Bath London Road
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