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About Berlin 

Berlin is the largest German city with an area of more than 890 square kilometres. The capital city of Germany is also the most populous city of the EU (European Union). Many rivers flow through Berlin like Spree, Dahme, and Havel.

Spree is a tributary of River Havel that flows around the corners of Berlin. Due to the presence of many rivers in Berlin, one can see many lakes in the city. Since Berlin is located in the middle latitudes, it features a temperate seasonal climate. Places that feature a temperate seasonal climate have a wide temperature range over different seasons. 

UNESCO has honoured Berlin with the tag of ‘City of Design’. It earned this tag due to better infrastructure for industries and, effective start-up ecosystem. Berlin is an advanced city, with the service sector being the biggest contributor. Berlin also boasts a well-managed public transportation system.

The main form of transportation within the city is the Berlin bus system. You can find a bus to Berlin from all parts of Germany. Read on to know more about Berlin buses and tourist attractions in the city. 

Quick Guide to Berlin 

Before planning your trip to Berlin, you should know more about the German city. For example, one should plan the places that they want to visit in Berlin beforehand. Based on your planned trip, you can book Berlin bus tickets beforehand.

Tourists should not invite confusion by deciding about the Berlin trip in the last hour. Berlin has many heritage sites as well as modern tourist attractions. Abundant social amenities in Berlin facilitate the tourists coming from other cities and countries. Let us see some of the best things to see/do in Berlin. 

What to See 

Some of the best tourist attractions of Berlin are stated below: 

• Brandenburg Gate

• Reichstag Building 

• Memorial to the Murdered Jews 

• East Side Gallery 

• Pergamonmuseum 

• Berlin Cathedral 

• Checkpoint Charlie 

• Berliner Fernsehturm 

What to Do 

The best activities for tourists in Berlin are as follows: 

• Go sightseeing via a Berlin bus

• Witness the nightlife of Berlin 

• Explore the rivers of Berlin

• Explore the lakes of Berlin 

• Go on a bicycle tour in Berlin 

• Enjoy the sumptuous cuisines of Berlin 

• Meet local people of Berlin 

What to Know 

Some important things to know before visiting Berlin are listed below: 

• Be prepared for many historical attractions in Berlin. 

• Berlin buses are the cheapest and most preferred means of transportation. 

• Cash is still preferred in Berlin. 

• Graffitis will be found a lot in Berlin. 

• There are more museums in Berlin than the number of days it rains in a year. 

• You can book Berlin bus tickets online with redBus. 

How to Travel to Berlin?

When walking on the streets of Berlin, you will see many cyclists. Many Germans still prefer to ride a bicycle to reach nearby locations. Besides Berlin buses, there are trams, cableways, ferries, and trains for the commuters. Besides the public transport services, car & taxi rental services are also available in the capital city of Germany.

Among all the transport modes, the road transport system in Berlin is well-developed. More than 5,300 KM of roads run through Berlin to facilitate the commuters. Let us dig deeper into the public transport system of Berlin. 

• Buses to Berlin: Tourists, as well as daily commuters, prefer to book Berlin bus tickets. There are more than 2,000 bus stops in Berlin that help bus operators to provide robust transport services. Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe and Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg are the major associations that manage bus services in Berlin. 

Berlin bus tickets are cheaper than other modes of transportation in the capital city. Also, Berlin bus tickets are easily available on many online platforms. redBus is trusted for booking bus tickets by many tourists travelling to Berlin. There are more than 140 daytime bus routes within Berlin city. At night, more than 50 Berlin bus routes are active for commuters. Be it a bus Poznan Berlin or a Berlin to Hamburg bus, one can find them all on redBus at affordable rates. With redBus, you don’t need to visit a travel agency for finding a bus in Berlin. 

• Trains to Berlin: Local transport within Berlin city is possible with trains. Many people rely on U-Bahn for local transport in Berlin. U-Bahn is the rapid-rail system of Berlin that covers many local places. Most of the U-Bahn infrastructure is underground and is preferred by working professionals. Since you want to see the city structure, Berlin buses are best for sightseeing. Many commuters in Berlin also rely on S-Bahn, which is also a rapid rail system. 

• Flights to Berlin: For international visitors, there are two airports in Berlin. Berlin flights are preferred by people coming from other countries. Berlin buses also come from some of the nearby countries. However, for countries that are far from Berlin, flights are the only choice. For transportation inside Germany/Berlin, you can again rely on buses. 

Top Bus Routes to and From Berlin 

There are many bus routes to/from Berlin and, you know about them on redBus. Berlin buses cover almost all locations of the city and also go to other German cities. Be it Leipzig to Berlin bus, Berlin to Paris bus, or a Bus Krakow Berlin, you can access information about any bus route with redBus. The best part is that redBus does not ask for login details for showing you the Berlin bus timetable. Some of the top bus routes originating from Berlin are given below: 

• Berlin to Prague 

• Berlin Suwalki

• Berlin to Świebodzin

• Berlin to Radom

• Berlin to Lezajsk 

• Berlin to Krakow

Some of the popular bus lines to Berlin are as follows: 

• PiBa to Berlin 

• Plock to Berlin 

• Swiebodzin to Berlin 

• Praszka to Berlin 

• Bielsko – Biała to Berlin 

Top Things to Do in Berlin 

Some of the best things to do for tourists in Berlin are given below:

• Visit Brandenburg Gate: One of the prominent neoclassical monuments of Berlin, Brandenburg Gate is located near the Pariser Platz. King Frederick William II of Prussia gave the order for constructing this architectural marvel. From 1788 to 1791, it took around three years to construct this beautiful monument.

Over the years, Brandenburg Gate has witnessed many prominent events. At present, Brandenburg Gate is also viewed as a representation of unity and peace among European countries. Brandenburg Gate buses are readily available from all parts of Berlin. 

• Take a Glance at the Reichstag Building: The Reichstag Building is a historic building that tells many stories. It was constructed in 1894 as the main parliament of Germany. The representatives of the Reichstag and Bundesrat council used the Reichstag Building till 1933. In 1933, the building was set on fire by protesters leaving it in a hampered state.

The building was restored in 1990 and is now used by the lower parliament (Bundestag) of Germany. One can find Reichstag Building buses on redBus to visit this historic spot. 

• Visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews: Holocaust is an unfortunate event in history when approximately six million Jews were killed during World War II. To mourn their deaths, a vast memorial is constructed in Berlin. The Holocaust memorial site covers an area of around 200,000 square feet. One can find Memorial to the Murdered Jews buses from different parts of Berlin. 

• Vist the East Side Gallery: Located on Mill Street, East Side Gallery is an open-air gallery. The East Side Gallery is present on the historical Berlin Wall. On the Berlin Wall, a series of murals are painted that attract many tourists. More than 100 artists from 21 nations painted the murals of the East Side Gallery. You can choose redBus to book an East Side Gallery bus and see the beautiful murals. 

• Visit Pergamonmuseum: Berlin boasts a Museum Island that is located in the northern section of Spree Island. Among the Museum Island complex, Pergamon Museum is an important site for visitors. The major displays of the Pergamon Museum are Pergamon Altar, Market Gate of Miletus, Epic of Gilgamesh, and Ishtar Gate. Pergamon Museum buses are easily available from various parts of Berlin. While booking Berlin bus tickets on redBus, choose a drop-off point near the Pergamon Museum. 

• Visit the Berlin Cathedral: Located on the Museum Island, the Berlin Cathedral is visited by many devotees throughout the year. The Berlin Cathedral has served as the house of the church since 1454. Many people visit the Berlin Cathedral to adore its architectural beauty. Berlin Cathedral buses are the best means of reaching this historic pilgrimage site. 

• Visit Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin: Checkpoint Charlie was a crossing between East and West Berlin till 1991. After the Cold War, Checkpoint Charlie was closed for foreigners and refugees. At present, Checkpoint Charlie is a tourist spot and is known for the museum and the Cold War Exhibition. Checkpoint Charlie buses are available for tourists and commuters from different parts of Berlin. 

• See the Berliner Fernsehturm: Located in Mitte District, Berliner Fernsehturm is a telecommunication tower in Berlin. The unique architectural style of this tower compels tourists to click photos. At an elevation of around 203 metres, there is an observation deck in this tower for tourists. One can also book the television tower for events and functions. You can book Berliner Fernsehturm buses online via redBus. 

Where to Stay in Berlin?

There are many hotels and guest houses in Berlin for tourists. If you want to experience the nightlife of Berlin, book a hotel in the Friedrichshain district. Solo or budget travellers can book a hotel in the City West region. Neukolln is another place in Berlin to find cheap/budget hotel rooms. Families coming to Berlin prefer the Prenzlauer Berg for accommodation.

If you want to enjoy the local cuisines of Berlin, book a hotel in the East Kreuzberg region. You can choose a drop-off point near your hotel while booking Berlin bus tickets with redBus. Berlin buses have several popular hotels in the city as their dropping point. 

What to Eat in Berlin?

Besides historical spots and sky-high buildings, Berlin is also known for its amazing food. There are food markets near the prominent tourist spots in Berlin. You can also book Berlin buses that can drop you at famous food markets in the city. Eateries and diners can be found at every location in Berlin. Many hotels in Berlin provide room service to tourists or have an in-house restaurant. Some of the best cuisines to try when in Berlin are listed below: 

• Doner Kebab 

• Konigsberger Klopse

• Currywurst

• Eisbein

• Blutwurst 

• Berliner Pfannkuchen 

• Ketwurst 

• Berliner Weisse 

• Bratwurst 

• Halbes Hähnchen

Best Time to Visit Berlin 

The state of tourism in Berlin is different seasons is as follows:

• Autumn Season: The fall season comes in the months of September and October in Berlin. The start of the autumn season is a good time to visit Berlin. Most of the summer crowd in Berlin is back to their homes by the starting of September. Since there is less crowd at tourist attractions in Berlin, September is a good month to travel. Berlin buses are available for tourists throughout the year at full capacity. 

• Winter Season: The lowest temperature during Winter in Berlin is around 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters can be a good time to visit Berlin if you love snow. Snow-covered trees are visible on the streets of Berlin during the winter season. Berlin buses will take you anywhere in the city during winters. Many Christmas markets open during the winter season in Berlin. Make sure to pack ample warm clothes when visiting Berlin during the winter season. 

• Spring Season: Comparatively fewer tourists arrive in Berlin during the spring season. Usually, solo travellers love to visit Berlin during the spring season due to less rush. During the spring season, you can go sightseeing via a Berlin bus. 

• Summer Season: Summer is said to be the best season to visit Berlin. Many tourists arrive during the summer season in Berlin and many festivals are hosted during this period. Summers are enjoyable in Berlin with comfortable temperatures and abundant social amenities. Berlin buses operate at full capacity during summers for tourists and daily commuters.

Boarding Points in Berlin

Book a Berlin bus to any of the other cities you want to visit by starting off your journey from one of the popular boarding points in Berlin. The boarding points in Berlin vary from one operator to the other. Given below are the popular boarding points in Berlin:

  • Berlin Central Bus Station
  • Berlin Südkreuz
  • Berlin Central Train Station Europaplatz
  • Berlin Am Nußbaum
  • Berlin Am Nußbaum
  • Berlin Südkreuz
  • Berlin Messedamm
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Dropping Points in Berlin

You can check the list of dropping points in Berlin and select the most suitable one according to your convenience. The drop-off points in Berlin vary according to bus operators. Take a look at the popular dropping points in Berlin

  • Berlin Central Bus Station
  • Berlin Central Train Station Europaplatz
  • Berlin Südkreuz
  • Berlin Südkreuz
  • Berlin Messedamm
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Berlin Online Bus Ticket Booking

The buses plying in Berlin can be opted as a travel option by many. Booking bus tickets online in Berlin is easy, fast and can be booked securely on


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