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About Bradford

Bradford is a vibrant city in the central part of the UK and north of England. It is part of West Yorkshire County, thriving as a multicultural city. The city has a rich history to recount and is also the home of the first UNESCO City of Film. Bradford bus from Leeds takes just 20 minutes to reach the Bradford Interchange, which is just 10 miles away. You can always find a bus to Bradford from other parts of England such as Manchester, London, Liverpool, Leeds Airport etc.

Bradford is a popular film location where ancient architecture and modern buildings form a perfect blend. The National Media Museum here is one of the most popular tourist spots. The new Leeds Bradford airport is attracting more people here. You can find that several film festivals are held here, along with live-streaming of operas. On the whole, Bradford is a unique place where one can learn and know more about films and filmmaking. At the same time, such events and programs promote local tourism, both at national and international levels.

Quick Guide to Bradford

Bradford is the fifth-largest city in England. It holds quite a number of interesting places to attract tourists. If you are planning a trip here, there are a few things that you need to know about this city. Some quick pointers are mentioned here for your reference.

What to See in Bradford

  • Bradford Industrial Museum
  • Cliffe Castle
  • Bradford Alhambra theatre
  • The oldest building Bradford Cathedral
  • Peace Museum

What to do at Bradford

  • Visit the famous Chatsworth House
  • Solve a mystery at the Bradford Murder Mystery Treasure Trail
  • Go Ice Karting at Bradford Ice Rink
  • Explore various cinemas and theatres in the city

What to know about Bradford

  • The highest water fountain in Britain is located at Bradford City Park.
  • Bradford hosts the oldest concert hall in the country which is still functional!
  • Bradford is also the youngest city in the country as a significant population here are under the age of 16.
  • It is also the Curry Capital of the country as this city hosts the annual curry festival.

How to Travel to Bradford

You can choose any mode of transportation to reach Bradford. The city is accessible from all parts of Britain through rail, road and air. The Bradford Interchange and the Leeds Bradford Airport are both at a comfortable distance from the city centre. Cars and taxis are available for hiring and are convenient for travelling from anywhere in the country. But you will find cheaper tickets with the same comfort in the buses. The bus connectivity to Bradford is extensive and frequent. Trains and flights are also on the expensive side with a limited number of rides available from each part of the country.

  • Buses to Bradford

Bus to Bradford Interchange is available from London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, etc. The bus times to Bradford are flexible, as multiple bus operators provide their services. Taking a Leeds to Bradford bus is the easiest way of reaching here. The Halifax to Bradford bus is available throughout the week and the Huddersfield to Bradford bus is among those less frequent buses available. Bus tickets are available online where you will get better deals. The Bradford bus station is open from 4.30 am till 1 am, the next day. Buses are available from morning till late night to and from various parts.

  • Trains to Bradford

Bradford has two train stations- the Bradford Interchange and the Forster Square railway station. These stations are 10 minutes apart. The former serves for the Northern trains, trains from London, Manchester, etc as well as that from London Kingscross station. The latter has trains to/from Leeds, Wharfedale, etc. The train journey from Leeds to Bradford takes just over half an hour. A bus to Bradford from Leeds is also of the same travel time but is cheaper in comparison.

  • Flights to Bradford

The Leeds Bradford airport is the closest airport to this city. The airport is 11 km from Leeds and 14 km away from Bradford city centre. Both national and international flights operate here. You can find flights coming in from London, Manchester, etc. BUses from both Leeds and Bradford are connected to the airport bus buses so it is easier to reach the respective cities directly. It will take hardly 30 minutes for this trip.

Top Bus Routes to and From Bradford

Bradford has got more than 200 bus routes with multiple trips each day to and from various cities and towns in the UK. Buses connect the city to its major bus station, train stations, and airport. The Leeds to Bradford bus has the shortest distance for an intercity bus. Harrogate is another nearby town from where you can connect to Bradford. Bradford bus goes to all the major cities in Britain and makes it one of the most easily accessible cities in the country. The London bus to Bradford takes almost 5 hrs to reach the city while that from Manchester and Sheffield have a travel duration of just over an hour.

A few of the most popular bus routes operating to and from Bradford are,

  • London to Bradford
  • Barnsley to Bradford
  • Bradford to Leeds
  • Sheffield to Bradford
  • Bradford to Shipley
  • Luton to Bradford
  • Bradford to Birmingham
  • Manchester to Bradford
  • Bradford to Harrogate
  • East Midlands Parkway to Bradford

Top Things to Do in Bradford

Visiting Bradford for the first time will be exciting. Knowing what to expect here will make it easier to visit and enjoy each of the attractions here. Bradford has several historically significant and modern buildings and places to visit. Let's find out more about the most significant tourist spots in and around the city.

Major tourist attractions in Bradford

National Science and Media Museum

This is a must-visit place in Bradford as it holds the most significance in the history of the city. The museum houses a massive collection of 3 million pieces of artefacts related to the media in all forms from films, television, video games, animation, internet, radio, etc. It is an 8-storied building that includes several galleries and cinema halls, including IMAX. The National Science and Media Museum bus reaches within the walking distance of the museum.

Brontë Parsonage Museum

The Bronte Society runs this museum in honour of the Bronte Sisters who penned the classics such as Jane Eyre, Agnes Grey, and Wuthering Heights. The museum displays the writing desk used by Charlotte Bronte and other items the sisters used. People throng here to see what inspired the sisters to write their respective classics. Several talk shows and readings also happen at this venue. You can take the Brontë Parsonage Museum bus from the Bradford bus station. The travel time on this route averages at 1 hr 30 mins.

Salts Mill

As the name suggests, this used to be a textile mill in olden times. Now it is a gallery that displays the art pieces. The prominent art here is the work done by David Hockney, which gets a permanent place, the only one in the UK. A visit here will introduce some excellent artworks, and can also shop for art supplies and other related items. Take the Salts Mill bus from the Bradford Interchange bus station and alight at the closest bus stop and then walk for a few minutes to reach here.

Bradford Industrial Museum

Bradford’s industrial revolution is displayed at this Industrial Museum. It is set up inside a textile factory with all the used machinery and other items related to its industrial history. There also are pieces of machinery related to painting, transportation and that from other industries. The Bradford Industrial Museum bus takes around 15-20 minutes to reach here from the Bradford Interchange bus station. The bus stop is just one minute walk from the museum.

Oakwell Hall

It is a 17th-century Elizabethan manor that featured in the novel of Charlotte Bronte ‘Shirley’. The manor is a popular tourist place that has also won the Green Flag award for its natural trails, gardens, picnic areas, bike tracks etc. Entry here is free and is open for everyone. The Oakwell Hall bus is available from Bradford bus station which usually takes anywhere between 40-70 minutes to reach here.

Lister Park

Lister Park is the most popular public park in Bradford. This is also the largest in the city which is remarkable during spring and summer. People prefer to enjoy picnics out here. There will be plenty of greenery and flowers to enjoy. The Mughal Water Graden is the major highlight here which focuses on pools and water channels that create a unique and picturesque retreat centre. The Lister Park bus is available from Bradford Interchange and it takes around 15 minutes to reach here.

Cartwright Hall

Cartwright Hall is right inside Lister Park. It's an art gallery started in 1904 that showcases 20th-century art pieces from famous artists from across the world. The gallery itself is an art with its grandeur architecture in the baroque style. The Cartwright Hall bus stops at a distance of 5-6 mins walk. The bus journey from the city is just 15 mins.

Roberts Park

It's an urban park in Saltaire designed by William Gay. The park has recreational areas, gardens, and other monuments or statues sprinkled around it. Taking a Roberts Park bus will take you about a kilometre away from the park. You need to walk the remaining distance. The bus journey is half an hour from the Bradford Interchange bus station.

St Ives Estate

The St Ives Estate is the perfect location for a family picnic that has something to offer for adults and kids. There are cafes and other refreshment options within the premises. The park is open on all days of the week from 11 am to 1.30 pm during summer. The St Ives Estate bus is available from the Bradford Interchange bus station and takes about an hour to reach the Estate.

Where to Stay in Bradford

One can easily find affordable and luxury accommodation in Bradford and the nearby towns. Bradford itself has plenty of hotels to choose from. Most of these hotels are available within the accessible distance from the bus stops where the intercity bus to Bradford arrives, bus station, and railway station. They will also have free breakfast with the rent. Hotels vary in their suitability for solo travellers, couples, and families. There will be luxury hotels, affordable hotels, budget hotels that you can book online. Please be vary of the peak season during when the hotel charges could go high.

What to eat in Bradford

Being a multicultural city, the eateries here offer multiple cuisines. One can taste various cuisines while in this city. It is not easy to pick a special food here but the ale pubs are famous here. Equally significant is the Shimla Spice in Shipley town which won the prestigious Curry King of England award during the festivals. You can taste Indian and Pakistani food here at this restaurant. A few other famous eateries in Bradford are,

  • Classic Persian Restaurant
  • Italian cuisine at Mamma Mia at Bradford
  • Multicuisine Restaurant 1914
  • Wines and Beers from Bear’s Den
  • Steakhouse at ConaMiddle Eastern cuisine from Bab Tooma

Best Time to Visit Bradford

  • The best time to visit Bradford is during summer which happens to be the month of July and August. The weather is its highest during these months.
  • January will be the coldest when the temperature drops up to 30 degrees.
  • December is likely to be the wettest month and February will experience more winds.
  • If you are visiting in April, you will have the driest possible month with no precipitation or rainfall. It snows a lot in Bradford which will be highest in November-December. It is also the best time for skiing.

Boarding Points in Bradford

Book a Bradford bus to any of the other cities you want to visit by starting off your journey from one of the popular boarding points in Bradford. The boarding points in Bradford vary from one operator to the other. Given below are the popular boarding points in Bradford:

  • Bradford Interchange Bus Station
  • Hollins Hill
  • Keighley Road Oak Lane
  • Otley Road/Accorn Park
  • Apperley Bridge Station grounds
  • Greengates Sainsbury's
  • Bradford Interchange station
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Dropping Points in Bradford

You can check the list of dropping points in Bradford and select the most suitable one according to your convenience. The drop-off points in Bradford vary according to bus operators. Take a look at the popular dropping points in Bradford

  • Bradford Interchange Bus Station
  • Hollins Hill
  • Otley Road/Accorn Park
  • Manningham Lane Oak Lane
  • Apperley Bridge Station grounds
  • Greengates Sainsbury's
  • Bolton Junction
  • Keighley Road Oak Lane
  • Bradford Interchange station
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