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Jombang is the capital of Jombang Regency in East Java, Indonesia. Being plumb in the middle of a lush and diverse landscape, Jombang packs quite the punch when it comes to natural beauty. Travellers often visit the city and neighbouring regions to indulge in outdoor activities such as hiking, rock-climbing and trekking. The city has no shortage of architectural and historical gems to admire. Jombang is a long way away from national capital Jakarta– more than 710 kilometres (441 miles) east. However, taking a bus to Jombang is always a visual treat– so be prepared to whip out your camera for loads of photos. The nearest airport is Juanda International Airport, which is 82 kilometres (50 miles) away from Jombang. Therefore, travelling by bus is your best option.

Important Locations to Visit in Jombang

Please note that some of these sights fall in and around Jombang and the Regency. So you may need to hop on board a bus from Jombang to reach there.

  • Trowulan: This archaeological site is said to be the erstwhile capital of the Majapahit Empire. The 100-square-kilometres complex is full of relics of the past, including a massive stone gate, tombs, and a bathing area with striking red facades.
  • Museum Majapahit Trowulan: This archaeological museum is home to artifacts discovered in and around the Trowulan complex. Some parts of the collection also cover the Singhasari, Kediri and Kahuripan eras when their kingdoms stood in East Java.
  • Coban Talun: This stunning waterfall dips into a naturally-formed pool and is surrounded by lush forests and lichen-spotted rocks. It’s an offbeat adventure for those who want some time relaxing in the lap of nature or undertaking more adventurous rock-climbing experiences.
  • Baitul Mukminin Grand Mosque: The historic Grand Mosque of Jombang is right in the heart of the city centre. It is a display of architecture through the ages; the interiors are spacious and comfortable enough to host scores during their prayers. Locals still use the mosque as a place of worship every day, so tourists are advised to be respectful and wear appropriate clothing when they visit.
  • Ringin Contong: Considered by many locals as a veritable landmark of Jombang, this colourful water tower is in the city centre and is flanked by a beringin tree. It’s best visited at night when spotlights are trained on the water tower to enhance its colours.

Boarding Points in Jombang

Boarding points allow redBus travellers to pick the most convenient point to get on their bus from Jombang. This list of boarding points is not compulsorily serviced by all bus operators, so it is always best practice to check with your operator of choice.

  • Terminal Kepuhsari
  • Jombang Kota
  • Kota Jombang

Dropping Points in Jombang

When booking your Jombang bus tickets, you can easily pick the most convenient drop-off point– either one that is in the city or closest to your accommodation. Here are some drop-off points that your bus to Jombang might service:

  • Terminal Kepuhsari
  • Kota Jombang
  • Jombang Kota
  • Jombang

Important Routes To and From Jombang

Since Jombang is a place of natural splendour, a lot of travellers and locals tend to stop there to take in the sights or indulge in some adventures. If you’re travelling to Jombang from Jakarta or elsewhere, here are some routes that you can explore onboard your bus to Jombang:

  • Bogor to Jombang
  • Subang to Jombang
  • Bandung to Jombang
  • Surabaya to Jombang
  • Karawang to Jombang
  • Malang to Jombang
  • Semarang to Jombang
  • Wonosobo to Jombang
  • Tegal to Jombang
  • Pemalang to Jombang
  • Banjarnegara to Jombang

If you need to take a bus from Jombang outside the Regency, here are some routes you can choose from:

  • Jombang to Wonosobo
  • Jombang to Klaten
  • Jombang to Purbalingga
  • Jombang to Yogyakarta
  • Jombang to Malang
  • Jombang to Bekasi
  • Jombang to Nganjuk
  • Jombang to Tegal
  • Jombang to Temanggung
  • Jombang to Magelang
  • Jombang to Jakarta

Book Your Jombang Bus Tickets with redBus

Booking on redBus is one of the most convenient ways to get your Jombang bus tickets. Whether you’re looking for a bus to Jombang or a bus from Jombang, make your booking as a guest or registered user by entering your departure and destination locations and date of travel. The list of operators that you are shown can be further customised based on your budget, bus preferences and favourite amenities.

Making payments on redBus is easy and highly secure. You can pay using your credit or debit cards or choose other popular modes of payment such as e-wallets. Verisign certifies the payment portal, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorised access to your personal information. You can choose to save your payment details to your profile once you register as a redBus user.

Jombang Online Bus Ticket Booking

The buses plying in Jombang can be opted as a travel option by many. Booking bus tickets online in Jombang is easy, fast and can be booked securely on


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A: No, you do not need to make an account with redBus to book a ticket. However, we recommend that you create an account on redBus so that you can book a bus ticket next time even faster. In addition to this, you can also avail redBus discounts and offers on bus tickets by creating an account.
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A: An M-ticket is an SMS that is sent to your registered mobile number after you successfully book a bus ticket online with redBus. This M-ticket can be the virtual replacement of your printed bus ticket. The M-ticket includes your bus ticket details such as bus timing, pick-up and drop-off locations, vehicle number, PNR etc. An M-ticket is an eco-friendly step by redBus to reduce the number of paper tickets and ensure passengers’ safety from any communicable disease.
Q: Is it safe to use my credit card or debit card for payment while booking a ticket to and from Jombang?
A: Yes, you have nothing to worry about paying for tickets through debit card or card with redBus. reBus has taken care of all the safety measures when it comes to payment gateways. redBus website is completely secure, and with 180 million satisfied customers, there has never been an issue with card payments.
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Q: How do I book my bus tickets at Jombang?
A: You can book a bus ticket to Jombang simply by visiting the redBus website, selecting the country, and filling up the details of your source and destination cities. redBus website is user-friendly, and with the help of easy-to-follow steps, you can book bus tickets to Jombang within a few minutes.
Q: Where would be my pick-up point?
A: You can check the details of your pick-up and drop-off points on your ticket. The details of your pick-up location would be sent to you via M-ticket. Also, while looking for bus tickets on, your pick-up and drop-off locations are mentioned below the schedule.