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Purwakarta is strategically located almost halfway between Jakarta and Bandung and thus, is well connected to these two important places. It is easy to get a bus to Purwakarta from essential cities like Jakarta. Though services are available aplenty, we highly recommend that you book Purwakarta bus tickets before commencing your travel. This makes the whole trip comfortable and planned. Though there is a bus terminal in Purwakarta, you may conveniently get on to the intercity bus from the bus stop near Sadang motorway exit. Most of the intercity buses stop here, making it a convenient boarding point to many travellers.

Purwakarta: A Cultural Window to West Java

The name Purwakarta translates into something like “an ever-lively place” or “a lively place since olden times”. True to its name, Purwakarta is a lively place, once known for its industries. During the Dutch colonial era, the agricultural resources from Purwakarta were exploited by the Dutch Colonial Forces. This place has many stories to tell, most notable being its participation in Indonesia’s fight for freedom from the Dutch East India Company. Purwakarta is the cultural window to the West Java, as it showcases and preserves the cultural identity of the Sundanese of West Java. Local, as well as international travellers, frequent the city. Here is some important information you should know before getting on a bus to Purwakarta.

Places to Visit Near Purwakarta

  • Sri Baduga Fountain Park: The largest of its kind in the Southeast, the Sri Baduga Fountain Park was originally a manmade lake built to provide water to the Rhinoceros in this region. Built by the Dutch, this was a thoughtful act to support the species, which is near-extinct now. The park is spread across 3 hectares with a majestic musical fountain at its centre. The park is named after the famous Pajajaran King Sri Baduga. The water fountain park is made of more than two thousand dancing waterspouts that form the images of traditional Sundanese dancers. Lights and lasers make it a bliss to watch them dancing to the music played in the background. The show is open only on Saturday night.
  • Gedung Kembar: The name Gedung Kembar translate to “The Twin Building”, and as it suggests, this is a twin building, one of which the Bale Panyawangan Diorama Museum. This is a must-see for history enthusiasts as it has many historical stories to tell you. It is a modern museum with digital displays. You can sit on the antique bike in the museum and enjoy a virtual tour of Purwakarta.
  • Cipurut Waterfall: The beautiful Cipurut Waterfall is on the Cidomas River, which is about 30 kilometres from Purwakarta. You need to walk on slippery paths to access the waterfalls.
  • Mount Lembu: If you are an adventurist, then you might want to try trekking or hiking along the challenging trails of Mount Lembu. You don’t need to take a bus to Purwakarta, plenty of ojeks are available. Other important hiking trails are Mount Cupu, Mount Parang and Mount Bangkok.

Boarding Points in Purwakarta

Traffic in the city area is quite heavy, and any confusion could result in missing the bus. So, sure you locate the boarding point well in advance of your travel time. The boarding points are:

  • Sadang
  • Kp Cibaragalan
  • Cikopo

Dropping Points in Purwakarta

Getting off at the nearest dropping point to your destination saves your time travelling inside the city. Given below are the dropping pints to consider while travelling by bus to Purwakarta.

  • Cikopo
  • Kp Cibaragalan
  • Purwakarta

Top Bus Routes from Purwakarta

Purwakarta enjoys a good road transport network that connects it to many other important cities in Indonesia. Bus from Purwakarta is available on the following routes:

  • Purwakarta to Banyuwangi
  • Purwakarta to Blora
  • Purwakarta to Kendal
  • Purwakarta to Lampung
  • Purwakarta to Madura
  • Purwakarta to Malang
  • Purwakarta to Pasuruan
  • Purwakarta to Semarang
  • Purwakarta to Surabaya
  • Purwakarta to Yogyakarta (Jogja)

Top Bus Routes to Purwakarta

Buses are the lifeline of Purwakarta. Bus to Purwakarta plies the following routes, connecting the city to other places in Indonesia.

  • Blora to Purwakarta
  • Denpasar (Bali) to Purwakarta
  • Kebumen to Purwakarta
  • Kudus to Purwakarta
  • Lampung to Purwakarta
  • Malang to Purwakarta
  • Ogan Komering Ilir to Purwakarta
  • Purworejo to Purwakarta
  • Tuban to Purwakarta
  • Yogyakarta (Jogja) to Purwakarta

If you are a local traveller or a tourist, we help you book Purwakarta bus tickets. If you do not have a complete travel plan, book your one-way bus to Purwakarta now. Once you decide on the return travel log on to book your bus from Purwakarta to your destination city. If you have a complete travel plan, go for a round trip. Either way, you will get the best deals.

Purwakarta Online Bus Ticket Booking

The buses plying in Purwakarta can be opted as a travel option by many. Booking bus tickets online in Purwakarta is easy, fast and can be booked securely on redbus.com.


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Q: How do I book my bus tickets at Purwakarta?
A: You can book a bus ticket to Purwakarta simply by visiting the redBus website, selecting the country, and filling up the details of your source and destination cities. redBus website is user-friendly, and with the help of easy-to-follow steps, you can book bus tickets to Purwakarta within a few minutes.
Q: Where would be my pick-up point?
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