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The Land of Midnight Sun, Norway, is a major part of the Scandinavian peninsula. The country is known for its eco-friendly living, folklore, and mountains that occupy a significant portion. Norway buses make it easy for people to explore this beautiful place.

About Norway

  • Key Facts: Bordering countries Russia, Sweden, and Finland
  • Population: 5 million
  • Languages: Norwegian and Sami
  • Currency: Norwegian Krone or Krona
  • Geographical area: 385,207 km²

History and Culture of Norway

Norway has a Germanic and Scandinavian culture. The languages here sound similar to all other Scandinavian languages, such as Danish and Swedish. It is the land of a few extremely remote communities whose sustainable living is long-running.

The Vikings hold the major part of their history. The country had constant wars with its neighbouring countries Sweden and Denmark, which together formed Scandinavia. Norwegians have been occupying the north-western part of Europe since prehistoric times. They are also known for the discovery of oil, which turned the country's future and economy.

Weather and Geography

Norway shares a significant portion of its border with Sweden. Finland and Russia are to its north-east, and the Atlantic Ocean makes up a considerable chunk of its border. The long coastal line has a hand in defining its climate, which is often wet and mild. The interior parts of the country have drier and cooler weather. They also have longer winters than other parts.

With diverse landscapes with large mountains, glaciers, and coastlines, most of the civilization is seen along the coasts. The fjords are the major tourist attraction along with the Northern Lights.

Popular Cities to Visit in Norway

  • Oslo

The capital of Norway is wonderful, with contemporary buildings, museums, mountains, and galleries with various art pieces. Skiing, trekking, sailing, etc., are popular sports here. Of all these, the Oslo fjord sailing is one of the most popular activities.

  • Stavanger

Stavanger is famous for its oil fields and being an economic centre of the country. It is a dynamic place with old wooden buildings in the city's heart, which is on the verge of modernisation. The views of Preikestolen and Lysefjorden mountains are popular sights along with the vibrant nightlife.

  • Bergen

Bergen was also the former capital of the country. It has at least 7 fjords with colourful buildings and wooden houses named Bryggen. There are museums, mountains, boat rides, etc., to enjoy here.

  • Ålesund

Alesund is the place to go for someone who wants to enjoy architectural styles, Art Nouveau, or the country's folklore. It's a collection of islands with a glittering harbour, hills for panoramic views and fjords. The city is fascinating with various restaurants and bars.

  • Trondheim

It is a perfect place with the right combination of hills, water bodies, and picturesque views. The colourful buildings line the shores of the old harbour. It is historically important as it used to be the former capital of Norway. Here, you will find a blend of heritage and contemporary cultures. You will find a lot to explore in the northern part of the country. People can easily reach the place by Trondheim-Oslo bus.

  • Tromsø

Tromso is in the northernmost part of Europe. It is a small island with wonderful blue fjords and snow-capped mountains. The city is almost close to the Arctic Circle and one of the best spots to enjoy the Northern Lights.

  • Kristiansand

The city has several sandy beaches and a lot of bars. It is the fifth-largest city in Norway. It is charming and showcases the perfect ambience to enjoy the holidays. The archipelago is a famous attraction here.

  • Lillehammer

Better known for the winter Olympics in 1994, this city offers visitors a wide range of water sports. Situated on the shore of Lake Mjosa, it is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the country. The city comes alive in the winter, and various galleries and museums add to the tourists' interest.

Transportation in Norway

Like any other European country, Norway has a well established public transport system, including buses, trains, ferries and flights. However, the Norway bus transport system is the most popular and affordable.

Some of the popular modes of transport in Norway are -

  • Buses

Getting around by bus in Norway is affordable and comfortable. From express coaches to luxurious ones, bus operators provide different services to suit every budget.

You will find Norway bus companies offering modern buses with high-class amenities. The popular ones are the Oslo to Kristiansand bus, Kristiansand to Oslo bus, and Stavanger to Haugesund bus.

Buses are more accessible to most parts of the country. They connect major cities and are a lot cheaper than trains. Because road trips in Norway are famous, people prefer to travel by bus.

  • Trains

Trains are the second most popular and faster way of transportation. There are plenty of trains available that connect the major cities. This mode of transport may be faster, but buses are cheaper and offer similar comfort.

  • Flights

Every city in Norway has an airport so people who prefer to fly can easily reach their destinations. They operate both domestic and international routes. However, flights are the most expensive travel mode.

Accommodation in Norway

When in Norway, one need not worry about getting comfortable and warm accommodation as it is easily available in one form or the other.

You will find diverse options, from luxurious hotels to treetop huts, in the country for a stay. The choice varies with the location, and each city has its charming accommodations.

Hotels are available with basic to luxurious facilities. The other options include campgrounds, ski resorts, hostels, farmhouses, mountain cabins, lighthouses, glamping, etc.

Food in Norway

  • Farikal

It's the national food, a stew made with mutton and cabbage. It used to be an autumn dish but is now famous throughout the year.

  • Lutefisk

A Scandinavian dish with dried whitefish, having a gelatinous consistency and pungent odour. It is served with mashed green peas, fried bacon, boiled potatoes, and melted butter.

  • Fiskesuppe

It is a creamy fish soup with various versions according to the region and season. It has fish and vegetables and is more popular in the coastal areas.

  • Fiskekaker

A traditional Norwegian snack, Fiskekaker is a fish cake served with carrot salad and potatoes. The cake is fluffy with a browned crust.

  • Kjottkaker

It is the traditional Norwegian meatballs, in larger sizes. Often found as meat cakes or meat patties, it has different varieties. The pan-fry variety is the most preferred version.

Shopping in Norway

Several shopping malls in the major cities are the most popular option for shopaholics. While shopping, one must look for the various traditional Norwegian products such as sweaters, Jul ornaments, traditional costumes, liquorice chocolates, drinking bowls of Vikings, etc. Please do note that shopping in Norway can be more expensive when compared with other European countries.

Norway Visa and Passport Requirements

Norway is part of the Schengen countries and allows tourists to enter.

Citizens of a few countries do not require a visitor visa to enter Norway, including EU countries, the USA, UK, UAE, etc. They can stay here for up to 90 days.

Tourists from most parts of the world require a valid visa to enter the country. To qualify for the visa, one must have a -

  • Valid passport with a validity of no less than 6 months and 3 blank pages.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Proof of enough funds for stay and other expenses while in the country.
  • Confirmation of accommodation and travel itinerary.


Q: How can I book a bus in Norway?
A: It is effortless, fast, and convenient to book bus travel to Norway. Visit the redBus website. Choose your source and destination in Norway and enter a date of journey. You will find the available buses on the next page. Choose a suitable bus as per your choice and proceed to the payment.
Q: Is it necessary to open a redBus account to book an online bus ticket?
A: No, it is not necessary to open a redBus account to book bus tickets online. Although recommended to create an account, it makes the entire booking process more straightforward, more comfortable, and faster.