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About Portugal

Portugal bus routes have gained popularity due to the sudden influx of tourism in the country. People from all over the world travel to Portugal to witness the marvel that the country offers.

● Capital: Lisbon

● Population: 10,347,892

● Languages Spoken: Portuguese, Mirandese

● Currency: Euro

● Geographical location: Iberian Peninsula, Southwestern Europe

History and Culture of Portugal

To trace the history of Portugal, you will have to look at the prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula. What is today known as Portugal, was the region where the Pre-Celts and Celts had their settlements. There have been many invasions in the history of Portugal, starting with the invasion of the peninsula by thr Romans in 219 BC, when they drove out the Carthaginians. Then in the 5th century, the Germanic tribes Sulebi and the Vandals invaded. After this, there has been many other conquests in this region.

It was not till the end of the 9th century that King Alfonso III of Asturias took back the region and slowly formed modern-day Portugal. First, in 1128, it was known as the County of Portugal, following the Battle of São Mamede, and then in 1139, the Kingdom of Portugal after the Battle of Ourique. There are many sites around the country that are significant to its history, and you can take bus in Portugal to explore. You can also get on the Lisbon to Lagos bus for a day trip and visit the heritage sites on the way.

Weather and Geography

The country of Portugal includes a part of the Iberian Peninsula, and the two archipelagos of Madeira and Azores. The river Tagus flows through the mainland, forming the Tagus Estuary in Lisbon. If you take the Lisbon to Porto bus, you can plan a short trip to the Estuary. The geography of Portugal is characterized by mountains in the north, plateaus and river valleys in the interiors and the rolling plains of Algarve and Alentejo. Most of Portugal has a Mediterranean climate, while the north and Northwestern mountain region has more of a temperate maritime climate. Thus, you will find that the summers are extremely warm, while winters are pleasantly cool. In the regions of Guarda, Bragança, and Viseu, you will get to experience snow in winter!

Popular Cities to Visit in Portugal


Porto is one of the oldest cities and is located in the Douro Estuary. It is an urban area and in 1996, the centre became a World Heritage Site. UNESCO stated the locations to be the "Historic Centre of Porto, Luiz I Bridge and Monastery of Serra do Pilar". Porto is well connected to other cities in Portugal and the Porto to Lisbon bus is among the most popular routes for tourists. This coastal city is famous for its port wine production and stately bridges. So you can explore these places when in the city. 


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and it is characterized by its hilly regions and beautiful coastline. When in Lisbon, you should visit the Tagus Estuary, National Azulejo Museum, and the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. You can visit other tourist spots from Lisbon and can easily book tickets on buses like the Lisbon to Lagos bus for a pleasant journey.


The town of Lagos is located in Southern Algarve. Lagos is known for its numerous beaches, the historical Old City and the cliffs of Ponta de Piedade. The Faro to Lagos bus gained popularity as Lagos one of the most famous cities in Portugal. Tourists love the beaches and the mesmerising old walled city scenes that include sites like the Castelo dos Governadores, Igreja de Santo António and a lighthouse on the cliffs.


Faro is the capital of Algarve. The old town of Faro has a magnificent archway and cobbled streets. The city is home to many neoclassical heritage sites. If you take the Faro to Lisbon bus you can plan a trip to the Arco da Vila along with the rest of the remains of the Moorish wall. Most history and cultural enthusiasts enjoy Faro as it is less crowded compared to other tourist locations.


Braga is among the northernmost cities in Portugal. The religious heritage of the city attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. It is home to the Braga Cathedral and Gothic style King’s Chapel.


Leiri is known for its hilltop castle that sits overlooking the city. The university town is bordered by ancient halls and filled with museums.


This city is also known as the city where “Portugal was born.” It was also the first capital and has an overwhelming castle to add up to its scenic and aesthetic value.

Transportation in Portugal


It is most common to travel by bus in Portugal. The Portugal bus operators offer smooth, convenient, and frequent buses to almost every city. Portugal bus services offer 10% of the total intercity traffic. There are various intercity, domestic, as well as international bus services offered by multiple bus operators. Lisbon to Porto bus, Madrid a Lisboa en bus, Faro to Lisbon bus, and Porto to Lisbon bus are some of the most popular routes with regular passengers and frequent buses. The country is constantly developing its infrastructure and launching new vehicles. This has been further initiated as tourists prefer travelling by bus that is economical and offers a comfortable and scenic journey.


Portugal has Alfa Pendular trains that are the fastest mode of communication between major cities. The trains run from Lisbon to various important cities like Coimbra, Braga, Porto, and Faro. However, the train tickets are costlier compared to buses and limited in number.


Flights only connect three cities in Portugal, i.e. Lisbon, Porto, and Faro. The flights are expensive and not available from most of the cities in the country. Flights from other countries usually land at Lisbon Portela Airport and the national airline is TAP Air Portugal.

Accommodation in Portugal

After booking your Madrid to Lisbon bus it is important that you also confirm your accommodations. Portugal is a very safe country for a staycation or a vacation. It sees a huge number of backpackers and solo travellers and has provisions for their safety and comfort. Most of the country’s accommodations are also couple-friendly and pet-friendly. There are many cheap as well as fancy hotels available for online pre-booking. One can also book a bed and breakfast for their trip.

Food in Portugal

Your Madrid a Lisboa en bus will be a special journey because Lisbon is home to finger-licking food that will tickle every taste bud you have. The various food streets in the famous cities are filled with food-lovers and food bloggers who travel across the country to witness authentic Portuguese food.

● Pastéis De Nata and Portuguese Tarts

● Port Wine and other Portuguese Wines

● Ginjinha Cherry Liqueur

● Portuguese Olive Oil

● Peri-Peri Hot Sauce

● Portuguese Cheese

● Portuguese Honey

Shopping in Portugal

Book your Madrid to Lisbon bus today because Lisbon is home to some of the world-famous products. The only authentic way to buy ethnic products is by buying them from where they belong. Lisbon and other major cities in Portugal are filled with lucrative markets. It is a true heaven for shopaholics and collectors alike.

● Portugal ceramics

● Portugal Azulejos or tiles

● Cork products

● Portuguese linens

● Portugal embroidery

● Barcelos Rooster Statue

● Statue of Fatima

● Filigree Jewellery

● Retro soaps and toothpaste

● Livraria Bertrand Books

● Portuguese Guitar

Portugal Visa and Passport Requirements

For travelling to Portugal, one can opt for either Tourist or Business visas. They both have a validity of 180 days and offer a stay period of 90 days.

If you are a first time visitor to Portugal, a personal interview is mandated by the visa regulations before your journey. The various documents required to get a visa for Portugal are:

● Your original Passport with 6 months validity and 3 blank pages

● 2 copies of recent colour photographs

● Filled Visa Application form

● Personal Covering letter

● Confirmed return flight tickets

● Proof of hotel reservation

● Basic day-to-day itinerary

● Original updated Bank Statement

● Income Tax Returns or Form 16 for last 3 years

● A Travel Insurance with minimum coverage of EUR 30000

A fee of EUR 80 is required for applying for a Portuguese visa. Children under six years of age do not have visa fees applied to their travels. Fees are often revoked for people travelling to Portugal for studying, researching, with charitable organizations, or sports or cultural events.


How can I book a bus in Portugal?
It is effortless, fast, and convenient to book bus travel to Portugal. Visit the redBus website. Choose your source and destination in Portugal and enter a date of journey. You will find the available buses on the next page. Choose a suitable bus as per your choice and proceed to the payment.
Is it necessary to open a redBus account to book an online bus ticket?
No, it is not necessary to open a redBus account to book bus tickets online. Although recommended to create an account, it makes the entire booking process more straightforward, more comfortable, and faster.