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Caño Cristales

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Caño Cristales Tour

About Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales tour is spectacular and dramatic at the same time, making it one of the most sought after tours in Columbia. Cano Cristales River is nothing short of a natural wonder that flows in colourful hues for 6 months of the year. The river gets its names ‘River of 5 colours’ and ‘Liquid Rainbow’ from the five colours one can see in it.

The red colour from the Macarenia clavigera plant, black from the rocks underneath, yellow from the sand at the bottom of the river, blue reflected in the crystal clear water and green colour of the algae makes it colourful from every angle possible.

How to Reach Caño Cristales

Reaching Caño Cristales is easiest via flights that can take you directly to the La Macarena, the base point for Caño Cristales tours. The other way of visiting this place is via bus. Here are two ways of reaching Cano Cristales.

How to Reach Caño Cristales from Bogota

From Bogota, you can take a bus to the municipality where this river flows. Multiple bus operators provide bus services to this destination. You can check all the details about buses to Cano Cristales online on the redBus mobile application or website.

The other way is by air. Take a flight from Bogota to Villavicencio and from there to La Macarena.

How to Reach Caño Cristales from Villavicencio

You can reach Villavicencio by bus as well. From there, you can go to Vanguardia Airport by bus or taxi. Flights are available only till 10 am per day. From the airport, take a flight to La Macarena.

After arriving at the La Macarena airport, take a taxi to reach the Cano Cristales river vantage point.

Top Bus Routes to Caño Cristales

Two popular bus routes take you close to Cano Cristales. They are

  • Terminal Salitre to Granada is a journey that takes somewhere between 5-10 hrs to complete depending on the bus operator. Several bus operators provide comfortable bus services along this route.
  • Bogota To Granada is the most popular bus route to reach this popular destination. The buses take approximately 5-9 hrs to complete the journey. The buses are comfortable and come with basic amenities that allow passengers to enjoy the trip.

Top Bus Stops Around Caño Cristales

Every Caño Cristales bus stops at the Terminal de Granada, which is the only destination here.

Average Bus Ticket Price to Caño Cristales

The average bus ticket rate to Caño Cristales - Granada is $19.31, which is common for both Bogota and Terminal Salitre routes. You can easily book bus tickets online for a bus to Cano Cristales on redBus.

Visiting Hours and Entry Details for Caño Cristales Tour

Caño Cristales happens to be a part of the Sierra de La Macarena National Park, a protected ecosystem. So there are a few rules and regulations to be followed.

For a visit here, you must register yourself with the Centro Ambiente. The park allows only a limited number of visitors per day, so registration is essential. Booking with a tour agency is the best option to get the slot for a smooth tour as you will need guidance to reach the watchpoint.

The park is closed on Tuesdays and Sunday afternoons. The usual opening hours are 7 am until 5 pm. Moreover, the park is not open throughout the year.

Each Caño Cristales tour package could cost anywhere between $80-400 per person, depending upon how many days you want to spend.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Caño Cristales is from June to November. The better time is from July-November. During this time, the aquatic plants fully flourish to give the red hue to the water.

Things to See and Do at Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales tour ideally takes 3-4 days to enjoy the national park thoroughly. There are provisions for the night stay, so you need not worry about the same. Also, the rainbow river is not the only sight in this park.

There are a few rules and etiquette that one needs to follow while visiting the park, especially if you want to take a dip in the river.

The river and its ecosystem are preserved to maintain the unique aquatic life. So the rules are,

  • The visitors must enter the water if they have not applied any sunscreen or bug spray on their skin. These chemicals alter and affect the plants. So the solution here is to wear long sleeves and pants to keep the bugs and sun off.
  • The tourists must also have taken their yellow fever shot before they can enter the premises.
  • You can try hiking, bird watching, and if you are lucky, you may spot a pink river dolphin.

Remember to carry enough cash with you as there is only one ATM closeby.


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