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About Moray

Moray is known for its deep, circular terraces for agriculture used in ancient times. This ancient agricultural technique is pulling in plenty of tourists every year. Moray tour is one of the unavoidable tours while visiting Machu Picchu or Peru itself for that matter.

These concentric rings are more than 1.5 m in height and are 150 ft deep altogether. These concentric rings and their depth create a temperature difference of approximately 10-15 degrees to allow multiple crop cultivation in the area. This was made to experiment to find the ideal temperature for the different crops.

A Moray bus from Cusco can take you closer to this place, and a taxi from there would take you to Moray, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, etc. Find out more about this tour.

How to Reach Moray

One can take a bus to reach the nearest turnoff stop to Moray and then reach the site by taxi. There is no direct public transport available to this place.

How to Reach Moray from Cusco

You can reach Moray from Cusco by taking a bus and then a taxi or directly hire a taxi to reach here. This is the best route to reach Inca ruins.

How to reach Moray from Sacred Valley

The beautiful valley is approached from Cusco by a bus by booking bus tickets online on redBus and alighted at Maras. You need to inform the driver about your stop at this place. It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach here and from here another 15 minutes by taxi.

Top Bus Routes to Moray

There are no public transport or direct bus routes to Moray. But you can go to the nearest turnoff by buses available on redBus, and then take a taxi to reach the Moray ruins.

  • The first option is to take a bus from Cusco to Urubamba, where you need to alight at the town centre. Then take a bus to Moray from the fork nearby and get down at the Moray turnoff.
  • The second route is to take a bus from Cusco that goes towards Moray and Chinchero. This route would also end up near the blue and white bus stop, which is the Moray turnoff. Get down there and then take a taxi.

Top Bus Stops Around Moray

The only bus stop where the tourists must get down is the blue and white bus stop which also happens to be a gateway to Moray. Regardless of which bus route you choose, you need to get down at this spot and take a taxi to reach your destination.

Average Bus Ticket Price to Moray

The bus fare from Cusco to Moray turnoff is 1 sole for the Cusco-Urubamba route and 3 soles for the other route.

Visiting Hours and Entry Details for Moray Tour

Moray and the concentric terrace is part of the archaeological society that allows only a limited number of visitors per day. You must register beforehand to visit here. The entrance fee will be incurred along with the tourist ticket.

The visiting hours are 7 am to 6 pm and operates Monday to Sunday.

There are a few tour packages available for a visit to Moray. Most of them include Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Pisac ruins, Moray salt mines, and Moray. This tour Moray Salineras roughly costs $80-120 per person, and all the entrance fees to the various sites are included in it.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Moray is June-August. These are summer months in Peru, and the chances of rain are less likely.

The rainy season is not ideal for a visit here, and the place is known for random showers throughout the year. The summertime will be comfortable for all from the Northern hemisphere and make a more enjoyable time for all.

Things to See and Do at Moray

Other than visiting the ruins of Moray and spending some time here to enjoy the view and take pictures, you can go visit the Maras salt ponds and other nearby attractions in a day.

  1. Maras salt ponds are where salt mining has been happening since ancient times. The salt is mined from the saltwater that gushes out of the spring. The water is carefully directed to neatly constructed squares and evaporated to get salt.
  2. Maras adventure ziplining is thrilling for the adventurers to enjoy over the Sacred Valley with three 500, 580, and 650 m height options.
  3. Sacred Valley is where you can see the ruins of Pisco.
  4. Hiking along the trails is another option that you can try while at Moray. You could choose it as an extra entertainment option or can also reach Moray via hiking.
  5. There is also a biking area to enjoy some time going downhill. You can bring your mountain bikes or rent one there.


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