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Top Bus Routes From Luton

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Luton to London00:4523:45BOOK NOW
Luton to Bricket Wood00:4523:45BOOK NOW

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RouteFirst BusLast Bus
London to Luton00:4423:52BOOK NOW
Bricket Wood to Luton01:2721:32BOOK NOW

Luton Bus Tickets

About Luton

Luton is among the largest towns in the UK and the most populous one in Bedfordshire. Luton bus services are popular for their quality services. Luton is said to be established in the sixth century and is home to one of the largest churches in Bedfordshire, which was built in the twelfth century. Luton is popular in the industrial sector due to its production of cars and hats. It is a very cosmopolitan town with settlers from Asian and middle-eastern origins. Luton is mostly frequented by students as the University of Bedfordshire has a large campus in this town.

You can easily book your Luton to Bedford bus ticket from redBus as they are abundantly available. Apart from peak tourist seasons, Louton is generally not crowded and thus makes for an excellent destination for trips with friends and family. Also, given the social distancing norms worldwide, it is always safer to tour places with less footfall and crowds.

Quick Guide to Luton

Luton, with all its popularity, is still majorly underrated. Thus, if you plan on booking your Luton bus for the holidays, here are a few things you must know. The Luton London bus route has gained immense popularity due to its affordability, availability, and convenient timings.

  • What to See:
    • Visit Stockwood Park.
    • Go to the Mossman Collection.
    • Visit St. Mary’s Church.
    • Enjoy the scenic views of Dunstable Downs.
  • What to do:
    • Join an exhibition in the Stockwood Discovery Centre.
    • Enjoy boating near Wardown Park.
    • Spend a day at Whipsnade Zoo.
    • Take your kids to the Woodside Animal Farm.
  • What to know:
    • Luton organizes the UK's biggest one day carnival.
    • Luton was initially famous for hat making.
    • Luton’s airport is the fifth busiest airport in the UK and has flights to and from around sixty destinations in the world.
    • Luton is the UK’s one of the most profitable places to own land.

How to Travel to Luton

Luton has very convenient commutes via various mediums. You can take a bus to Luton or opt for coaches and train services. Luton airport is located almost thirty-five miles northwest of Central London and has a footfall of about ten million passengers every year. Needless to say, it is both conveniently located and popularly crowded by locals and tourists alike.

  • Buses to Luton

Due to its distance from the city centre, Luton doesn't have too many direct buses from London or nearby cities. But, the Luton Airport Bus Services are cheap and accessible. They are the cheapest way to travel on the Luton London Bus route. The buses have frequent and strategic stops throughout London, and people have often commented on how the stops have been very close to their accommodations and places of work and study. These are the reasons why this mode of transportation is becoming a steady alternative to the train services available.

  • Trains to Luton

The trains are the most popular and well-known transportation method among commuters. The trains connect from various pickup points like Blackfriars, City Thameslink, Farringdon and St. Pancras International to Luton. Although the trains are more expensive than buses and coaches, they are quite reliable as there are trains to and from Luton every ten minutes.

  • Flights to Luton

Luton is not among the largest airports in the UK but still holds certain importance due to the availability of more affordable airlines. The airport is also well connected to London by various modes of transportation. The Parkway train station is only ten minutes from the airport and there are continuous shuttle services available between the two places. There are also airport bus services and coach services for the passengers. Luton to Bedford bus services also pick up commuters from the airport.

Top Bus Routes to and From Luton

Most travellers choose to travel via bus to Luton. Buses, taxis, and cabs usually take the national express to Luton airport for a fast and hassle-free journey.

Top Bus Routes From Luton

  • Luton to London
  • Luton to Bricket Wood

Top Bus Routes To Luton

  • London to Luton
  • Bricket Wood to Luton

Top Things to Do in Luton

Luton is a lovely place for tourists. You can enjoy sightseeing tours as well as long walks. Since it is filled with university students, the town offers a very unique and calming vacation experience. Following are some of the best things to do in Luton.

For History and Literature Enthusiasts

Luton was allegedly established in the sixth century and has very rich cultural and historic importance. Thus, it goes without saying that anyone interested in that spectrum will have a lot to enjoy in sightseeing. There are some must-visits though.

  • Someries Castle: If you enjoy learning about the history of medieval England, you can take the Someries Castle bus to visit this site. The name for the fortified manor house comes from William de Someries, who had a moated manor nearby in the 13th century. The building you will see was built by Sir John Wenlock in the 15th century. To visit you can also take a coach to Luton airport and then a bus or cab.
  • National Trust - Shaw's Corner: Shaw's Corner was the country home of George Bernard Shaw. You can take the National Trust - Shaw's Corner bus and explore the lush gardens, and then learn the history of Shaw's stay at the house. To reach Shaw's Corner, you can take the national express to Luton airport. Then you can drive or take a bus to the nearest station.

For Families

  • Stockwood Discovery Centre: The Stockwood Discovery Centre has some very interesting exhibits. Here you will find the Mossman collection of old carriages, Luton's last tram, sculpture by Hamilton Finlay, and even the medieval masterpiece, the Wenlock Jug. You can also take a Stockwood Discovery Centre bus and visit the park and children's playground surrounding the museum.
  • ZSL Whipsnade Zoo: The ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is the biggest zoo in the UK and is about half an hour from the Luton bus station. The zoo has many exhibits including African hunting dogs, and herds of fallow deer, barasingha, Bactrian camels. There is a pride of seven lions in the park. The ZSL Whipsnade Zoo has many other mammal species, insects and birds that you can see on your visit. To visit, you can purchase a ticket for the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo bus.
  • Orbital Trampoline Park: If your kids love a bit of adventure, take them to the Orbital Trampoline Park. While you can join the fun activities on the trampoline, you can also sign up for some rigorous fitness sessions. There are many events held throughout the year so you can take the Orbital Trampoline Park bus and enjoy them with your family and friends.

For Couples

  • Wardown House: The Wardown House is a Victorian manor that houses art exhibits about the craft of lace-making and hat-making in Bedfordshire. You can visit the Wardown House with your partner and also take a long and romantic walk in the surrounding park. The Wardown House bus will take you straight to the museum.
  • Stockwood Park: Stockwood park is another site for spending a romantic day with your partner. The park has beautiful gardens, golf centres and even craft museums. You can take the Stockwood Park bus to reach. While returning, you can easily take a bus to Luton airport.
  • Lea Valley Walk: If you and your partner enjoy hikes, you can go on the Lea Valley Walk. It starts from the source of the River Lea in Luton and then goes through several waterside sites across the rural countryside of southeast England. To reach the starting spot, you can take a Lea Valley Walk bus.

Where to Stay in Luton

Luton is a comparatively affordable place to stay for a vacation. You will see many hotels and their advertisements on your bus to Luton airport.

The cost of double bedrooms in the town starts as low as $ 57, and the average cost of double bedrooms is $ 146. Due to COVID-19 regulations, the prices in hotels have slightly risen, but the local authorities ensure that the hotels running their businesses are all clean, hygienic, and safe for tourists.

There are many cheap hotels available for people since many parents and relatives come to visit their kids at the University. Also, due to its convenient location, many people opt to stay at Luton in place of London urban areas.

There are many cheap as well as fancy hotels available just near the city centre of Luton. You can opt for staying at these establishments if you want to live near some of the best tourist spots as well as at the convenience of public transport and affordable food.

There are some high-end boutique hotels especially for couples that have Mediterranean or Victorian style restaurants and decorations. These are perfect for people who want to spend some luxury time with their partners in this quaint town.

There are some inns that offer night staying options to backpackers and travellers. They are usually much cheaper and come only with the basic amenities like private bathrooms and dining restaurants. These are very convenient for many and are also available near Luton bus station.

What to eat in Luton

Luton is a town filled with foodies and versatile food outlets. Many people ride the bus to Luton airport from London and explore food in the streets of Luton. From classic fish and chips to spicy Indian curry, you will find it all there. And while the food scene is impressive, there are some must-visit places you simply can not afford to miss.

Asian cuisine is insanely popular in this town due to the many migrant settlers as well as multiple famous restaurants perfecting the cuisine. Similarly, there is a rush for Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine as these are recently winning the hearts of spice-lovers and foodies worldwide. Some other cuisines available in the town are

  • Mediterranean
  • British
  • European
  • Lebanese
  • Middle-eastern
  • Persian
  • Bangladeshi
  • Balti
  • Eastern European
  • Italian

Luton's traditional dishes are mostly made of meat, potatoes, and fish combined with various fresh seasonal vegetables, greens, and fruits. The most famous form of regional cuisine in this town are freshly baked pastries. These are traditionally made with fruits or meat all year round. The most famous pie among these is the Bedfordshire Clanger which was usually a single item daily meal made for men at work. It consists of a double filling made of meat on one side and something sweet on the other side like apples or pears to balance the flavours.

Best Time to Visit Luton

If you have some extra time after the bus to Luton airport from London you can quickly visit the city and get a chance to experience the small perfection that it is. Some parts of the city will also be visible from your coach to Luton airport. However, as the temperature around the town is less than most, people are usually attracted to this place to run away from the summers and enjoy a weekend of the cool pleasant climate.

Fall: Fall is an excellent time to visit Luton as the snowfalls haven't begun yet but the weather is very cold and fun. All you would want to do is roam around famous historic castles and drink hot cocoa with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Winter: Winters in Luton are harsh and spectacular. There is a hundred percent chance of snowfall, and you can literally celebrate Christmas amongst the snow.

Summer: June, July, and August are the hottest months in Luton with the temperature rising up to 21 degrees celsius. This is the peak tourist season as people enjoy their summer breaks away from heat to a cold and calm place like this.

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