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About Rome

Travel to Rome, the eternal city, a place to find delicious food and to fall in love. Located in the centre-west of the country, on the banks of the river Tiber, Rome is the most populous city in Italy and the third in Europe. There are so many adjectives to describe this city and several breath-taking places to visit in Rome, but in a nutshell, one could say that Rome is one enormous museum. It is obvious why the entire historic city centre made it on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

One of the popular and well-maintained buildings in Rome is the Pantheon, converted now into a church with its characteristic open, round shaped roof. The interesting Forum Romanum excavations and ruins is also something that can be found. The Colosseum is reminiscent of how the gladiators battled each other for their lives. Its beauty and magnificent monuments make it the second most visited city in Europe, after Paris, welcoming between 8 and 10 million tourists every year.

Due to its pleasant weather, characterized by hot summers and mild winters -on a European Mediterranean scale- it is the kind of city worth visiting every season, as you will discover that the places to visit in Rome hold an unwavering charm throughout the year.

Quick Guide to Rome

  • When in Rome, visit:
    • Il Colosseo
    • Foro Romano
    • The Pantheon
    • Galleria Borghese
    • Città del Vaticano
    • Basilica San Pietro
    • Chiesa del Gesù
    • Castel Sant’Angelo
    • Campo de’ Fiori
    • Piazza Campidoglio
    • Mercato Trajano
  • What to do in Rome?
    • Tourism: museums, sculptures, basilicas, churches, historic monuments, one can never have enough of Rome.
    • Shopping: from local souvenir stores to Prada or Gucci boutiques, Rome has everything for shopping lovers.
    • Pizza, pasta, gelato, yes please! Gastronomic tours in Il Trastevere and other picturesque places in Rome are waiting for you.
  • What to know:
    • The local currency is the euro, and don’t forget to bring cash.
    • Like in most tourist cities, beware of pickpockets.
    • Dress codes are important when visiting churches.
    • Normally, you must pay to use the public toilets.

How to Travel to Rome

Rome is strategically connected to other cities in Italy and the adjacent countries. If you want to travel to Rome from France, Switzerland, or Austria, just to name a few countries, it is as easy as doing it from Milan, Florence, or Venice. Depending on your budget, time constraints, departure city, and other elements defining the characteristics of your Rome trip, you can decide to reach the eternal city by bus, train, or plane.

Before making a list of all the places to visit in Rome during your trip, take some time to evaluate the available options in order to make the best decision:

  • Buses to Rome: Buses are an excellent choice to go on day trips from Rome, as they are cheap and comfortable. There are over 350 lines of buses in Rome, including express and night buses, which combined with the private companies that operate routes coming/going to numerous cities, make the Rome bus plan a fantastic idea for weekend getaways or vacations with friends.
  • Trains to Rome: Travelling by train is an excellent way to know Rome and the rest of Italy. When visiting Rome, Roma Termini is the name to remember, as it is the biggest train station in the city. It offers travellers 29 platforms to travel to other cities in Italy and in Europe.
  • Flights to Rome: Fiumicino and Ciampino are the two airports in Rome, located at 35km and 13km from the city centre, respectively. Both airports receive national and international flights from all over the world. Besides taxis and the airport shuttle, you can also reach both by train and bus.

Top Bus Routes to and From Rome

Rome receives people coming in all means of transport. Locals and visitors who travel to/from Rome by bus, are most likely to use one of these routes:

  • Roma – Milan
  • Roma – Naples
  • Roma – Florence

Top Things to Do in Rome

  • Colosseum: Undoubtedly one of the most celebrated tourist attractions in Rome, the Colosseum was the largest amphitheater in the Roman world measuring some 620 by 513 feet (190 by 155 meters). This oval amphitheatre is located in the heart in Rome and visited by millions of tourists every year. Not only was it the biggest amphitheatre built during the Roman Empire, but it was also named one of the 7 new wonders of the world.
  • La Fontana di Trevi: the iconic fountain where the tradition suggests you toss three coins and make a wish for each, knowing that the last wish must be coming back to Rome.
  • Pantheon: The Pantheon is a Roman temple and one of the best preserved buildings in Europe which was presumably dedicated to all the gods, as its Latin name Pantheum, comes from the ancient Greek word Pantheion. After Colosseum, the Pantheon is another most visited place in Rome.
  • La Piazza Navona: among the things to see in this extraordinary square you will find historical fountains built by artists like Borromini and Bernini, as well as cafes and bars where people get together to enjoy the performances of street artists around la Piazza.
  • Città del Vaticano: if you are in Rome, then you need to visit the Vatican City. Whether you are devoted to Catholicism or not, this is definitely the place to visit in Rome if you want to admire the architecture and several art expressions that characterize Rome. La Columnata de Bernini, the Sistine Chapel, the paintings, the sculptures - art in all its shapes and colours.
  • For couples, there’s also: a lovely boat tour in the Tiber River, renting a Vespa to discover the prettiest corners of the city, and a romantic candlelight dinner at the terrace of the Hotel Raphael.
  • For kids, there’s also: family picnic in Villa Borghese, the Explora Children's Museum.

Where to Stay in Rome

  • Hostels are the best option if you will travel to Rome on a budget.
  • If you can spend a little more money, there are tons of Airbnb available in the city.
  • Hotels at reasonable prices can be found all over the city, for instance, around the Obelisco di Dogali, south of Villa Borghese, and near the Vatican City.
  • For luxury stays, the hotels around Piazza Navona and in Via Della Fontanella di Borghese, between via del Corso and Via del Leoncino are some of the finest in the city.
  • Il Trastevere is a bohemian sector of the city where you can stay to experience a different experience and eat delicious food.

What to eat in Rome?

Italian culture is well known for its rich gastronomy that has crossed all the borders around the world. If you are visiting Rome soon, you should not miss the chance to eat pasta carbonara, porchetta, pizza al taglio, and gelato for dessert! And “where?”, you might ask yourself:

  • Il Trastevere: whether you sign in for a gastronomic tour or you decide to fly solo, the trattorias, modern bars, and traditional restaurants here will give you the best of Italian cuisine.
  • Testaccio, Centro Storico, Pigneto, and Monti are known for their amazing environment and variety of bars and restaurants.

Best Time to Visit Rome

As we said before, Rome’s charm is something worth seeing in every season, however, the ideal time to visit Rome would be in April and June. You could also plan a vacation for September or October. Below you will find more information on the various seasons that one must take into account before heading to Rome:

  • Summer: If you are not comfortable when the temperature rises above 35°C, you better avoid visiting Rome during the summer’s hottest days.
  • Winter: On the other hand, if cold is not your cup of tea, you should know that the temperature reaches negative values during the coldest winter days in Rome.
  • Spring and Fall: Sunny days with fresh air are distinctive of Rome in the “in-betweens” of the coldest and hottest seasons. If you are visiting Rome with a group and you cannot make up your mind, probably spring or fall is the safest bet.

Boarding Points in Rome

Book a Rome bus to any of the other cities you want to visit by starting off your journey from one of the popular boarding points in Rome. The boarding points in Rome vary from one operator to the other. Given below are the popular boarding points in Rome:

  • Rome Tiburtina Largo Mazzoni
  • Rome Tiburtina Bus Station (Inside)
  • Rome Ciampino Airport
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport Terminal 3
  • Rome Ciampino Airport Arrivals Terminal
  • Rome Tiburtina Bus Station (Outside)
  • Rome Tiburtina
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport T3
  • Rome Termini
  • Rome Circonvallazione Aurelia
  • Rome Vatican
  • Rome Tiburtina Bus Station
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Dropping Points in Rome

You can check the list of dropping points in Rome and select the most suitable one according to your convenience. The drop-off points in Rome vary according to bus operators. Take a look at the popular dropping points in Rome

  • Rome Tiburtina Largo Mazzoni
  • Rome Tiburtina Bus Station (Inside)
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport
  • Rome Ciampino Airport
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport Terminal 3
  • Rome Ciampino Airport Arrivals Terminal
  • Rome Tiburtina Bus Station (Outside)
  • Rome Tiburtina
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport T3
  • Rome Vatican
  • Rome Circonvallazione Aurelia
  • Rome Termini
  • Ciampino Via Luigi Einaudi
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport Bus Station
  • Rome Termini via Giolitti
  • Rome Tiburtina Bus Station
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Rome Online Bus Ticket Booking

The buses plying in Rome can be opted as a travel option by many. Booking bus tickets online in Rome is easy, fast and can be booked securely on


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