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About Vienna

Vienna is otherwise known as the World’s capital of Music or the ‘City of Music’ because this is where the famous renowned musicians such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived. Travelling in Vienna is convenient as the Vienna bus service has about 127 bus lines operating in and around the city. The airport bus in Vienna is available to the city centre and also to other countries such as Croatia, Poland, Hungary, etc. With additional transport fasciitis such as trams, trains, and subways.

Vienna is also a cultural city in Europe which is more than just a tourist city. It is blessed with its history, charm, and heritage. It would be a wonderful experience to visit Vienna and see those wonderful historic buildings, palaces, and many more.

Quick Guide to Vienna

In this beautiful city of Vienna, there are so many things to see, experience, and know about. This simple guide will help you be familiar with a few of them.

What to See

  • Hofburg Palace
  • Imperial Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral
  • Belvedere Palace
  • The Vienna State Opera House
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum and Maria-Theresien-Platz
  • Vienna City Hall
  • St. Charles Church

What to do

  • Visit Vienna Zoo
  • Watch the performance at the Spanish Riding School
  • Giant Ferris Wheel Ride
  • Check out the Dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History
  • Dine at the Famous Demel: Vienna's Ultimate Café
  • View from the Danube Tower
  • Watch a show at Austria's National Theater

What to know

  • Vienna is the only city in the world where high quantities of wine are prepared within the city limits.
  • The Ferris Wheel in the city is the oldest functioning one in the world.
  • Erwin Perzy in 1900, accidentally invented the Snow Globe here in Vienna.
  • Vienna was divided into four during WWII and was ruled by four different powers in the world, until 1955 when the division and occupancy ended.

How to Travel to Vienna

The Austrian capital Vienna is a well-connected city in the Central Region of Europe. People can choose any of the available transportation modes. Travellers can choose a bus, car, train, aeroplane or a boat to reach the city. The three easiest ways of reaching Vienna are explained here.

  • Buses to Vienna

Taking a Vienna bus is one of the best and cheapest ways of reaching this city.

Buses are available from other cities in Austria as well as from other countries. Bratislava Vienna bus and Budapest to Vienna bus are a few examples of the international buses available.

The other bus services are available from Salzburg, Graz, Linz, etc. The bus from Vienna to Salzburg starts from the Vienna International Bus terminal. There are two more bus stations in the city, Vienna West Station and Vienna Central Bus Station, for the various other bus routes.

Bus services are available to and from the Vienna airport to the other cities in Austria or other countries as well.

Connections are also available from airports in other countries to Vienna. For example, Bratislava airport Vienna bus.

  • Trains to Vienna

The train journey to Vienna is shorter but more expensive than the bus. The Wien Hauptbahnhof railway station is connected nationally and internationally to other cities which helps passengers reach the city directly. The Wien Mitte station is where most of the regional trains arrive.

  • Flights to Vienna

Vienna International Airport welcomes flights from other countries and other cities in the country. The airport bus Wien connects the airport to the city centre in Vienna. People who want to go to other countries or arrive at the airport from other countries can also avail themselves of the bus services.

Top Bus Routes to and From Vienna

The bus connectivity to Vienna is convenient and flexible from several cities within the country or from neighbouring countries. Some of the popular routes that either start or end in Vienna are,

  • Vienna to Bratislava
  • Vienna to Linz
  • Vienna to Graz
  • Budapest to Vienna
  • Prague to Vienna
  • Split to Vienna
  • Vienna to Munich
  • Vienna to Bratislava Airport

Top Things to Do in Vienna

Exploring the city of Vienna can be a unique experience with options of historical buildings, adventure, entertainment, etc.

  • Schönbrunn Palace

When in Vienna, The Schonbrunn Palace is a must-visit attraction. The palace has more than 1000 rooms but only 40 of them are open to the public. You can view all this majestic palace with its attractive rooms by visiting here by any mode of transportation. The Schonbrunn Palace bus reaches here from the city.

  • Belvedere Palace

Once the summer palace of their Prince Eugene of Savoy, this palace is another attraction for tourists. It now houses a massive collection of art from all over the country. The Belvedere Palace bus is route 13a. There is no direct stop for the palace. Tourists must get down at the nearest bus stop and then take a 10-minute walk.

  • Vienna State Opera

It is one of the leading opera houses in the world. It has witnessed the performances of world-class artists such as Mozart, Richard Wagner, and Richard Strauss, etc. The Vienna State Opera bus will directly arrive at the Opera bus stop.

  • Albertina

This is a museum that has the largest print room in the world. It was named after the Duke Albert of Saxe-Teschen, who used to be the owner of this in the 18th century. An Albertina bus is available in the city that reaches this palace. It is also at a walkable distance from the city centre.

  • Museumsquartier

It is the most famous cultural centre in the country. Here, museums and art centres are available with several bars, restaurants, and cafes, sprinkled around them. The Museumsquartier bus is available for the convenience of the tourists.

  • Karlskirche

This cathedral is a sample of Greek and Roman architecture blend. It was built in honour of all those who lost their lives during the plague epidemic. Several routes of Karlskirche bus stops at this tourist spot.

Adventurous experience

  • Scuba Diving and Snorkelling in the Danube River. Tour packages are available with water sports activities to do in Vienna.
  • River rafting and tubing is an excellent option for daredevils.
  • Hiking to the Gutenstein Alps is another option which usually takes 7-8 hours, with the help of local guides.

Family & Kids

  • A visit to Vienna Schönbrunn Zoo can be thrilling for the kids. The feeding time, zoo train, and the playground are some of the interesting spots and things to do here. Schönbrunn Zoo bus is available on four routes.
  • The Prater amusement park consists of a wax museum, Giant Ferris Wheel, A Tower, a mini railway, etc, which are some of the main attractions here. Prater bus directly arrives at the tourist spot.
  • A visit to the House of Music Museum will be a unique experience for the kids.

Art and Historic Places

  • Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien displays several masterpieces in art by various artists in the world. The Kunsthistorisches Museum bus is available from the city in more than one route.
  • The Hofburg Palace is famous for its architecture and style. It is also the official residence of the President of Austria.
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral, the gothic building has a unique zig-zag roof with stone-clad walls. Famous for its towers, this cathedral is another of the most beautiful sites in the city. It showcases Gothic Architecture during the 13th century. There are three St Stephen's Cathedral bus routes available for the tourists to reach here.

Where to Stay in Vienna

Tourists can select the luxurious hotels in the Neubau neighbourhood for their stay or the Mariahilf neighbourhood for mid-range rates. The cheaper stay will be available at the Weiden neighbourhood, close to the Belvedere Palace.

Vienna offers a wider range of options for accommodation. Suitable options will be available for solo travellers, couples, or families with children, etc.

What to eat in Vienna

  • Wiener Schnitzel is one of the must-have dishes while in Austria. This is one of their national dishes made of veal cut into thin cutlets.
  • The Sachertorte, the chocolate sponge cakes, is another famous Austrian food.
  • Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel), Austria’s answer to America Pie, is a sweet dish mainly available in bakeries.
  • Spargel (Spring Asparagus), the green and white Asparagus, an authentic variety of this green vegetable, should never be missed while visiting here.

Best Time to Visit Vienna

  • Fall

September to November, the fall months see very less crowd in Vienna and the best time for those who want to enjoy the city peacefully. The various art exhibitions are happening during these months.

  • Winter

Winter months from December to February are chilly with snow on the ground. The blinking lights all around the city during Christmas is a fantastic time to enjoy the city.

  • Spring

March till September see the many annual events happening in the city. The city prepares for the summer when it looks most vibrant. Easter markets are open during that month.

  • Summer

June to September are the best months to visit Vienna. During summer, the locals retreat to their country residence, so the city is wide open for the visitors to enjoy. It is also the busiest month here.

Boarding Points in Vienna

Book a Vienna bus to any of the other cities you want to visit by starting off your journey from one of the popular boarding points in Vienna. The boarding points in Vienna vary from one operator to the other. Given below are the popular boarding points in Vienna:

  • Vienna Stadioncenter
  • Vienna Central Bus Station VIB
  • Vienna Airport
  • Vienna Central Train Station South Exit
  • Vienna Hauptbahnhof, Suedtiroler Platz
  • Vienna Busterminal Sudtirolerplatz
  • Vienna Central Train Station
  • Vienna Main train station (Südtiroler Platz)
  • Vienna Airport Bus Station
  • Vienna Meidling Train Station
  • Vienna Main train station (Südtiroler Platz)
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Dropping Points in Vienna

You can check the list of dropping points in Vienna and select the most suitable one according to your convenience. The drop-off points in Vienna vary according to bus operators. Take a look at the popular dropping points in Vienna

  • Vienna Stadioncenter
  • Vienna Airport Train Station
  • Vienna City Center Station
  • Vienna Central Bus Station VIB
  • Vienna Airport
  • Vienna Central Train Station South Exit
  • Vienna Busterminal Sudtirolerplatz
  • Vienna Main train station (Südtiroler Platz)
  • Vienna Main train station (Südtiroler Platz)
  • Vienna Airport Bus Station
  • Vienna Central Train Station
  • Vienna Meidling Train Station
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