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Taj Mahal

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Taj Mahal Tour

About Taj Mahal

Built on the orders of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal today stands as a beautiful monument made of white marble with intricate architectures. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Taj Mahal is in Agra, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Booking a bus from Delhi to Taj Mahal is the best way to reach here.

Located right at the banks of the sacred river Yamuna, the monument is an architectural masterpiece showcasing classic Mughal architecture combining various individual structures like domes and arches with different textures and colours, which are added by the semi-precious stones.

Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a way to immortalize Mumtaz Mahal who was his most treasured wife. Mumtaz was an inseparable companion to the emperor ever since they got married in the early 1600s. She passed away during labour while giving birth to their daughter, Gauhar Ara Begum.

The monument attracts tourists from all over the world and is a symbol of undying love.

Things to see in Taj Mahal

One can simply book a bus from Delhi to Taj Mahal and explore various attractions located on the way. The Taj Mahal has other attractions besides the main, breathtaking white marble mausoleum. The structure in totality comprises five main elements. These include the main gateway, the garden, the mosque, a building that mirrors the mosque known as the 'jawab' and the main mausoleum with its four tall minarets.

An ornamental pool separates the garden into quadrants, adding to the aesthetic of the beautiful location. Within the Taj Mahal lie the tombs of Mumtaz Mahal as well as Emperor Shah Jahan. Both the tombs are inlaid with semi-precious stones as well as a marble screen.

Best Time to Visit Taj Mahal

It is essential to keep in mind a few tips before visiting the Taj Mahal. The best time to visit the Taj Mahal is during the early summer season which lasts from March to June. If you’re booking a bus from Delhi to Agra, we would suggest you to skip the winters solely due to the thick fog that encompasses the monument during the colder months from November to February, and travel during warmer months.

The best days to see the Taj Mahal are from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, it is closed for prayers. On full moon nights, the monument allows night viewing until half-past midnight.

How to Reach Taj Mahal

The nearest airport to the Taj Mahal is located a little less than 15 kilometres away and would allow tourists to reach the monument in a little over half an hour through taxi.

The cheapest mode of travel to reach the Taj Mahal would be through the use of either a train or a bus. The nearest train station is located around 5 kilometres away from the monument. Visitors can also take a taxi or an auto to reach the Taj Mahal.

The easiest way to get to Taj Mahal is through bus travel. Bus tickets can be booked online through reliable booking platforms like redBus.

How to Reach Taj Mahal From Delhi

Travelling from Delhi to Taj Mahal can be done via train, car or bus. The distance between the two locations is a little less than 225 kilometres.

Through the train, the time taken to reach Taj Mahal from Delhi is around 2 or 3 hours. A large number of people prefer to travel via a bus from Delhi to Taj Mahal.

Using trustworthy and reliable online bus ticket booking websites such as redBus, booking a bus from Delhi to Taj Mahal has become an easy task. Over a hundred buses run along this route, and they offer passengers a comfortable and safe journey. Through bus travel, the distance between the two locations is covered in approximately 4 hours. You can book a bus ticket online on the redBus official website or through the easily accessible redBus mobile application.

Top Bus Routes to Taj Mahal

A large number of people from within and outside India travel to Agra to get a chance to marvel at the magnificent Taj Mahal. Tourism is an integral part of Agra's income. While visiting the Taj Mahal, people also get the opportunity to see various other monuments. Some of the top bus routes to Agra are:

  • Delhi to Agra
  • Lucknow to Agra
  • Jaipur to Agra
  • Kanpur to Agra
  • Noida to Agra

Bus Stops Around Taj Mahal

There are quite a few bus stops located close to the Taj Mahal. Depending on the passenger's needs and travel requirements, travellers can choose a bus that stops at a particular drop point accordingly. There are three bus stops located near the monument. These are as follows:

  • Tajgunjchourah
  • Baluganj
  • Near Water Tank Chipitola

Using redBus, customers can look for details such as pick up and drop points specific to each bus. It would make the decision-making process easier.

Average Bus Ticket Price to Taj Mahal

The prices of a bus ticket to Taj Mahal vary depending on the distance between the departure and destination points. The prices also change depending on the operator and type of bus chosen by the customers. For a ticket from Delhi to Agra, the starting price is a little more than 280 rupees. Bus prices for the different routes to Taj Mahal can be checked in a hassle-free manner using the redBus application or website.

Visiting Hours and Entry Details for Taj Mahal Tour

The Taj Mahal is open for visitors from an hour before sunrise until sunset, that is from 6 am to 6:30 pm. The monument is open for visitors at night time on the days of a full moon, two days before the full moon as well as two after. The timings for the same are 8:30 pm to 12:30 am. The grounds are closed on Fridays for prayers and during the entire month of Ramadan.

Things to do Near Taj Mahal

There are quite a few locations to visit near the Taj Mahal. Famous attractions near Taj Mahal include:

Agra Fort: Also known as the Red Fort, this red sandstone structure is a popular tourist attraction and hence a UNESCO world heritage site just like the Taj Mahal. It is located 2.5 kilometres away from the Taj Mahal.

Fatehpur Sikri: Once the capital of the Mughal empire, this city is now a popular tourist attraction and a world heritage location.

Jama Masjid: Located opposite to the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid is a popular pilgrimage destination.

Akbar's Tomb: The tomb of Emperor Akbar is among the most visited tourist destinations in Agra.

Along with visiting these locations, one must not miss out on the delicious food options available, which include the Petha, Dalmoth and Jalebi.


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