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Batu Caves Tour

About Batu Caves

Batu Caves tour is one of the most anticipated trips one would expect to experience while in Malaysia. It is a natural wonder made of limestone hills which houses several caves. Situated 17 km away from the capital city, Batu Caves is a landmark for the country.

There are three major and several minor caves on the premises. The colourful steps and the giant statue of Lord Muruga complete this famous tourist spot's general look. The caves are millions of years old, and the statue has been there for a century.

Batu Caves can be reached easily via train as there is a nearby station. You can also find a bus to Batu Caves from Kuala Lumpur and other areas. It is easy to check bus details online on the redBus mobile application and website.

How to Reach Batu Caves

Batu Caves being a popular tourist spot, has got a train station nearby. The train services are available from KL Sentral. You need to take the KTM Komuter to reach the caves. There also are bus services that connect Batu Caves to the outer world.

How to Reach Batu Caves from KLIA?

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus route from the airport to the Batu Caves. You have to take a bus to the KL Sentral and then take the train to reach the caves.

How to reach Batu Caves from KLCC

From KLCC park, walk up to the Wisma Cosway and take the Blue line bus to the Hug Titingwasa Jalan Pangkor. You can also take a cab to the Putra railway station and from there reach the Batu Caves station.

A direct way to reach Batu Caves is via a taxi.

Top Bus Routes to Batu Caves

  • Kuala Lumpur to Batu Caves: The bus from Kuala Lumpur will take you to the KL Sentral station, from where you can board the train to the caves. The travel time is approximately 40 minutes to the station.
  • Butterworth, Penang to Batu Caves is a popular bus route. More than ten bus operators run buses along this route. The expected travel time is just over 5 hrs.
  • Melaka Sentral To Batu Caves is a 2-hour journey by bus. Most popular bus operators provide their services on this route. They offer comfortable buses to passengers for this journey.

You can get information about bus routes to Batu Caves online from the redBus website or mobile application.

Top Bus Stops Around Batu Caves

The nearest bus stop to the Batu Caves is the cave entrance-stop which happens to be just a few meters away but at a walkable distance. It is the same place you would end up at from all the routes or via transit buses.

Average Bus Ticket Price to Batu Caves

The average bus ticket fare to Batu Caves depends on the distance and the starting point of your journey. It costs a minimum of RM 27 if you take a bus to Batu Caves from Butterworth, and minimum RM 7 for a bus from Melaka Sentral. You can check prices and book bus tickets online on the redBus mobile application or website.

Visiting Hours and Entry Details for Batu Caves Tour

The Batu Caves tour is from 6 am - 9 pm, every day. There is no entrance fee, but you may be charged a nominal fee of RM 1 or RM 2 for some of the individual caves. The nominal fee does not apply to all the caves.

Best Time to Visit

Batu Caves are a part of limestone hills. The stairs and the walking areas can be a bit slippery during the rainy season. The summer season can prove to be uncomfortable for most people. So the best time to pay a visit to these caves happens during the winter season from December to February. The temperature would be pleasant at this time, and visitors would be more comfortable.

Things to See and Do at Batu Caves

  1. The large statue of Lord Muruga is the major landmark for the Batu caves tour and Malaysia Tourism. The 140 ft tall statue covered in Gold is a view to see. It is elegant and welcomes everyone to this place. The temple associated with this statue is famous for the Thaipusam festival every year.
  2. Climb the steps: The best feature of the Batu Caves tour is when you witness are the colourful 272 steps that lead to the entrance to the main cave. The steps are situated at a steep angle that requires some endurance to reach the top. All the climbing effort is paid off by the sight you get to see when you reach there.
  3. The Caves- Visit all the caves inside this magnificent place. The major cave is the Temple cave where the 272 steps lead you. There is the Ramayana cave that has several pictures and statues related to Lord Rama and other figures from the Ramayana. The walls have the story painted on them. The other minor caves are not less significant either. So don't miss out and make sure to visit each of them.
  4. Museum cave and Art gallery cave showcases several remarkable stories, paintings, and statues related to this place.


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