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About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is famous for its historical and architectural heritage. The country witnessed its golden era during the seventeenth century, and the remains of that period still attract millions of tourists who travel to Amsterdam every year.

Amsterdam is also called the Venice of the north, thanks to the spectacular canals. The Van Gogh Museum, historic canals, Anne Frank House, Royal Palace of Amsterdam, and some famous cannabis coffee shops are among the central attractions you should check out during your Amsterdam trip.

Quick Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination, with a lot to explore. Below are some recommendations for things you can see and do in the city.

  • What to See
    • Grachtengordel
    • Van Gogh Museum
    • Magere Brug
    • Anne Frank House
    • Rijksmuseum

  • What to do
    • City Wide Cycling
    • Canal Day and Night Cruises
    • Life of Anne Frank and World War II Walking Tour
    • Sloten Windmill Guided Tour
    • Glow in the dark Mini Golf

  • What to know
    • There are separate lanes for bikes, walking, and other vehicles like an Amsterdam bus.
    • Non-touristy places are best for buying memoirs and souvenirs.
    • Pre-book accommodations and tickets beforehand as there is a huge rush during the peak season.
    • The Heineken experience is slightly overpriced, and craft beer is much better.

How to Travel to Amsterdam

Amsterdam has very well-connected routes from various parts of the world. Whether you travel to Amsterdam from the UK or someplace else, you will not face difficulties in reaching your destination.

There are various transportation modes that one can opt for to reach Amsterdam. Buses are the cheapest and easiest mode of travel. Flights are the quickest, and trains will allow you to witness the scenic beauty of the European countryside. You can also opt for fancy cruises that sail various countries and cities to Amsterdam's maritime port.

  • Buses to Amsterdam

Riding an Amsterdam bus is both economical and hassle-free. Many national and international bus companies connect the city to some of the most important European locations like Paris, London, and Brussels. If you are travelling to Amsterdam from a different continent, you can always travel to these cities by flight and then board a bus to Amsterdam.

  • Trains to Amsterdam

Amsterdam has three major train stations and is well-connected with almost all the major European cities. London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Berlin have daily high-speed trains that reach Amsterdam within seven hours, offering fantastic scenic views along the way.

  • Flights to Amsterdam

Schiphol International Airport has frequent flights from all around the world, with airlines like British Airways, Air France, Emirates, Lufthansa, US Airlines, and Singapore Airlines flying in and out regularly. The airport is only fifteen kilometres away from the city centre. Transport options are available to and from the airport.

Top Bus Routes to and From Amsterdam

It would be best to know the top bus routes people use to travel to the city if you plan an Amsterdam trip by bus. Some of these are -

  1. Sofia to Amsterdam
  2. Piba to Amsterdam
  3. Zamosc to Amsterdam
  4. Bielsko-Biała to Amsterdam

Some top routes from Amsterdam are -

  1. Amsterdam to Tarnow
  2. Amsterdam to Olsztyn
  3. Amsterdam to Malbork
  4. Amsterdam to Mragowo

Top Things to Do in Amsterdam

Some of the best places to visit in Amsterdam are -

For History Lovers

  • Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House is a museum in Amsterdam. You can view exhibits featuring Anne Frank's life, the details mentioned in her diary and the Secret Annex.

  • World War II Walking Tour

It includes several war stories and visits to various memorials around the city. One can take a bus to reach the venue and then take a walking tour of the place and capture some mind-blowing photographs. 

For Art Enthusiasts

  • The Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is a must-visit place. The entire museum is dedicated to the beautiful art of Van Gogh and his life. It also features an immersive Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience. In 1999, the museum opened the new Exhibition Wing, designed by the Japanese architect Kurokawa Kisho. 

  • Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is an art and history museum. It features several historical masterpieces and exquisite objects of art.

  • Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is the largest museum in Amsterdam that features modern and contemporary art and design in the Netherlands. It houses the world-renowned collection which includes 90,000 objects dating from 1870 to the present.

For Party Goers

  • Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

There are mini-golf courses in Amsterdam that glow in the dark. Playing mini-golf in the dark is an exciting way to spend some time with friends.

  • Amsterdam Icebar

It is an interesting bar in the city. Everything, including the walls, is made of ice, and the bar is lit up with colourful lights.

  • The Heineken Experience

Located in Amsterdam, the Heineken Experience, is historic brewery and corporate visitor center for the internationally distributed Dutch beer. This was the first brewery built in Amsterdam and is not only a places to hang out with friends but also a great place to be for the Netherlands' beer history. 

For Couples and Family

  • Grachtengordel

The neighbourhood of Grachtengordel is an ideal place to visit when you are in Amsterdam with your family or partner. Here you get a good view of the canals that date back to the seventeenth century.

  • City Wide Cycling

You can rent cycles and explore different parts of the city with your family. It is a fun and affordable way of spending a day in the city.

  • Canal Day and Night Cruises

Amsterdam has several canal cruises. These are usually for an hour and 15 minutes and offer a beautiful experience.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

When you travel to Amsterdam from the UK or any other part of the world, you can choose from several types of stays.

If you are on a budget trip, choose a hostel in Amsterdam. You will have to share a room, and the rent is quite affordable. Several hotels offer cheap but clean rooms. These are not luxurious, but the rooms have necessary amenities and are spacious enough for families. Apart from these, you can always opt for luxury hotels or expensive boutique hotels in Amsterdam. They are ideal for a vacation if you don't have a tight budget.

What to eat in Amsterdam

If you want to try out the various authentic flavours of this country, you must include the streets of Albert Cuyp Market (where over two hundred shops sell anything and everything you want) in your list of places to visit in Amsterdam. Some of the foods you should try are -

  • Bitterballen: Heavenly fried chicken balls that are popular in bars and eateries as snacks.
  • Stamppot: This is an authentic mashed potato recipe by the Dutch where vegetables are added.
  • Pannenkoeken: Flat pancakes that are thin and round. These are the Dutch version of pancakes.
  • Rijsttafel: Dutch rice table that consists of an elaborate authentic Indonesian meal popular in Indonesia, Netherlands, and Belgium.

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

You can plan an Amsterdam trip in any season, but summer is the best time to be here. During this season, you will find the city throbbing with life, and you can explore every location.

The experience is different during different seasons.

During Fall: Amsterdam is dreamy in the fall. The leaves change colour, and everything, from the streets to the canals, including the bars, looks beautiful.

Winter: While it is not bitterly cold, the city experiences wind and rain during winters. You can still enjoy stunning sights around Amsterdam in the cold season.

Spring: The weather is pleasant in spring. The sky is a bright blue, and flowers bloom all around the city. It is the perfect season for walking around Amsterdam.

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