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About Burgas

Burgas is the capital of the homonymous province that bears the same name, is a port city in south-eastern Bulgaria, in the Gulf of Burgas that connects with the Black Sea being surrounded by this and the Burgas Lake, is the second-largest city on the coast of the Black Sea and the fourth most populous city in the country. It has a population of 211,033 inhabitants. It is a place with different places to visit with a very mild climate and attractive for any time of the year. The airport of Burgas is the second largest airport in Bulgaria so it has easy access for those who like to visit it.

Quick Guide to Burgas

Burgas is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria, being an industrial pillar and a tourist centre. Being on the shores of the Black Sea, it is a very attractive destination for tourists.

  • What to See
    • The Sea Garden
    • Burgas Beach
    • The pier of Burgas
  • What to do
    • Attend the Sand Fest of Burgas
    • Stroll through the pedestrian streets.
    • Visit the Troykata Square
  • What to know
    • You will have no problem communicating as most of the local population can speak different languages such as English, German, Italian, etc.
    • Try to have local money with you so that you can visit the stores without any problems.
    • In Burgas dinner is the most important meal of the day so you will find several restaurants with exquisite options.
    • Most of the beaches belong to private companies, so it is possible to reserve the space of your choice.

How to Travel to Burgas

There are several ways to travel to Burgas, especially if you are already in Bulgaria. You can reach Burgas by bus, train, plane or even by car. The different means of transportation allow you to reach the city in the way you prefer and according to your budget. One of the most popular routes is the bus from Sofia to Burgas, but it is also possible to travel to Burgas without passing through the capital.

  • Buses to Burgas

Travelling by bus to Burgas is one of the favourite options for travellers due to the low prices and the comfort of the journey. A Burgas bus offers you flexibility in terms of timetables as well as affordable prices. Burgas has intercity connections to different cities in Bulgaria but you will also find buses to and from other countries such as Germany, Turkey, Austria, etc. Near the bus stations in Burgas, you will find hotels or hostels where you can stay.

  • Trains to Burgas

Although not the cheapest travel option, trains to Burgas offer passengers a comfortable and fast journey. Trains to Burgas will get you to your destination quickly and you can also visit the surrounding area. Travelling by train to Burgas can be a nice addition to your trip.

  • Flights to Burgas

Flights to Burgas are the perfect option when visiting the city from distant countries. The plane will save you time and even money in that case. However, for shorter trips there may be no flights available or the schedules are shorter than other means of transport.

Top Bus Routes to and From Burgas

Due to its different attractions, Burgas is frequented by many travellers who prefer to arrive by bus. There are different buses you can take to get to or from Burgas such as:

  • Burgas to Sofia bus
  • Burgas to Sunny Beach bus
  • Burgas to Istanbul bus
  • Sozopol to Burgas bus
  • Varna to Burgas bus
  • Nassebar to Burgas bus
  • Burgas to Pomorie bus

Top Things to Do in Burgas

  • St Anastasia Island

The perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This place used to be a prison for communists but nowadays it is almost a place of retreat. The St Anastasia Island bus journey ends at the Port of Burgas from where you need to take a ferry to reach the island.

  • Sea Garden

It is nothing but a vast area filled with nature in all manners possible. It is a huge public park overlooking the promenade. Inside you will find a myriad of attractions such as gardens, playgrounds, an outdoor theatre, and places to have a coffee or a delicious ice cream. The Sea Garden Burgas bus routes are available from the city centre and take half an hour to reach the garden.

- Lake Atanasovsko

This Salt Lake is famous for its diversity of flora and fauna and is divided in two by a strip of sand. The road from Varna to Burgas passes through this strip. The Lake Atanasovsko bus journey takes over 2 hrs from Varna. But it is available from the city centre as well.

Lake Pomorie

It is a natural salty lagoon separated from the sea by a patch of a black sandpit. On the other side of the lake is an artificial dike. Situated 25 km away from the city, this is one of the must-visit places in Burgas. There is only one Lake Pomorie bus route available and that arrives close to the visiting point.

- Aquae Calidae

This is an ancient place close to Burgas city that offers several options to have a good time and relax. At the same time, you will find remains of walls and a thousand years of history. There are multiple options with the Aquae Calidae bus routes that pass by this area.

- Burgas Zoo

The zoo is situated closer to the Black Sea quarter of the city and one of the most visited places as well. Reaching here is convenient by the Burgas Zoo bus route available from West bus station.

- Lake Burgas

Otherwise known as Lake Vaya, this lake is a salty lake where several migrating birds inhabit. The birds use this as their pitstop thus it makes part of the conserved areas. The Lake Burgas bus is available from Sozopol on an hourly basis.

- Church of St. Cyril and Methodius

One of the most important and characteristic monuments of the city. It is the oldest orthodox church you will find in Burgas.

- Pruning Nature Reserve

South of Burgas you will find this small nature reserve. It is a favourite place for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

- Sunny Beach

This beach is characterised by its length of golden sand topped by a dark sea rich in algae. You will find several establishments that organise various activities.

Where to Stay in Burgas

In Burgas, there are all kinds of accommodations, from five-star hotels to very basic pensions. In general, the smaller hotels have more charm. Some of the big hotels with many years of life, even five stars, have a rather cold "Soviet character", looking as if they have not been renovated for many years. Of course, there are also exclusive hotels in the cities. You will also have the option of renting an apartment if that is what you prefer. You can plan your trip according to your needs without worrying, Burgas has a wide range of accommodations. In the city of Burgas, there is a very good hotel offer. There are very nice hotels overlooking the Black Sea beach.

What to eat in Burgas

Burgas is the ideal place to enjoy Bulgarian food, here are some of the dishes you have to try.

  • Banitsa

You can buy this pastry in bakeries all over the country. The standard variety includes a feta cheese filling, although there are many other types filled with cabbage, onions, spinach, pumpkin, or mushrooms.

  • Kebapche

At first glance, you might think of it as a hot dog, but it includes fried potatoes with grated cheese on top. The meat is seasoned to give it a spicy touch.

  • Salata Shopska

A famous salad that consists of a mixture of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and peppers with parsley and grated cheese.

  • Musaka

There are several versions of this dish, the Bulgarian version has potatoes, eggs, and minced pork.

  • Lyutenitsa

It is a thick condiment of tomatoes and peppers that is eaten with toasted bread. It is currently produced commercially.

Best Time to Visit Burgas

The climate in Burgas is temperate and warm, with a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Even during the driest months, rainfall is witnessed. The seasons vary and you may want to adapt your plans according to the climate you will find in Burgas.


The maximum temperature can be 16 degrees; the weather is pleasant and you can enjoy the city.


During this season the temperature can reach up to 28 degrees. If you like sunny places this is the perfect season for you to visit Burgas.


Although at this time of the year the temperature starts to drop it can reach up to 19 degrees.


The coldest month is January and the temperature can drop considerably. If you like this kind of weather you can enjoy the city to your heart's content.

Boarding Points in Burgas

Book a Burgas bus to any of the other cities you want to visit by starting off your journey from one of the popular boarding points in Burgas. The boarding points in Burgas vary from one operator to the other. Given below are the popular boarding points in Burgas:

  • Burgas Bus Station South
  • Burgas Central Bus Station West
  • Burgas E871
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Dropping Points in Burgas

You can check the list of dropping points in Burgas and select the most suitable one according to your convenience. The drop-off points in Burgas vary according to bus operators. Take a look at the popular dropping points in Burgas

  • Burgas Bus Station South
  • Burgas Central Bus Station West
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Burgas Online Bus Ticket Booking

The buses plying in Burgas can be opted as a travel option by many. Booking bus tickets online in Burgas is easy, fast and can be booked securely on redbus.com.


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