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About Nice


Located on the Mediterranean Coast, Nice is a populous commune in France. In French scripts, the city is often nicknamed ‘Nice the Beautiful’. Located on the foot of the Alps, Nice is known for its opulent culture. The history of Nice dates back to approximately 400,000 years ago when settlement started on its lands. It is believed that colonists from Greece were the first to settle in Nice. Nice is situated close to the Italian borders and its effect can be seen easily. Italian is spoken in Nice and also taught to school children. 

Every year many tourists come to Nice to visit historical and natural attractions. Nice buses are full of tourists throughout the year. Nice is also known for its rocky and clean beaches that attract many tourists. You can also book a Nice bus and tour the French city. Read on to know more about Nice tourism and how to travel. 

Quick Guide to Nice 

If you are planning to visit Nice anytime soon, you should know about transportation, accommodation, and tourism facilities. You need to pre-plan your trip to Nice to avoid last-minute hassles. You can start by booking Nice bus tickets for your journey on any future date. Whether you visit the museums in Nice or beaches, you should know about the top tourist attractions. Whether you are from any French city or a foreigner, pre-planning your trip to Nice will make your trip better. Let us see some of the top attractions and activities to do when in Nice. 

What to See 

Some of the top tourist attractions of Nice are given below:

• Musee Matisse 

• Marc Chagall National Museum 

• Nice Castle 

• Fondation Maeght 

• St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

• Parc Phoenix 

• Place Massena 

What to do 

Some of the best things to do in Nice are listed below: 

• Go for a seaside walk on Promenade des Anglais

• Tour the Nice city by bus

• Go shopping at Cours Saleya Market 

• Have some sumptuous French cuisines 

• Party at the beaches of Nice 

• Visit the art museums of Nice

What to know


Things to know before visiting Nice are as follows:

• Nice buses are one of the major forms of transportation within the city.

• Visiting Nice can get expensive. 

• Summers in Nice can get too hot. 

• Beaches in Nice are rocky with less sand.

• Nice is also safe for solo wanderers. 

• Pack essential items before you go to Nice. 

How to Travel to Nice? 

Nice has well-organised transit systems for residents and tourists. The city has numerous modes of transportation like Nice buses, trains, and flights. Trams are also an essential mode of transportation for tourists/residents in Nice. All public transit points in Nice are well-organised to cater to the needs of residents and tourists.

For example, all transit points for Nice buses are extensively cleaned to provide a hygienic environment to the commuters. You do not have to wait for hours to find public transport in Nice. Public transport in Nice is readily available in abundance for tourists and residents. Let us know about different transportation modes available in Nice. 

• Buses to Nice: Buses in Nice go to all locations at frequent intervals. Many tourists prefer Nice buses for visiting all the tourist attractions one by one. Many service providers in Nice also offer bus sightseeing packages for tourists. The regional bus network of Nice is well-organised. Buses in Nice go to remote areas where other transportation networks do not reach. Nice buses are available in the daytime as well as during the night.

There are many vending machines and sales points for buying bus tickets in Nice. However, the best option is to book Nice bus tickets online via a reputed platform like redBus. You can catch a bus to Nice from other French cities. Buses to other French cities are also available frequently from Nice bus stops/stations. You can know more about Nice buses on redBus.           

• Trains to Nice: High-speed trains run all across France facilitating the commuters. There are many train stations in Nice like the Matisse Museum, Old Town, Cimiez Roman Ruins, etc. You can find a train to Nice from several French cities like Paris and Milano. Trains in France can gain top speed of around 320 KM per hour. However, trains in Nice are not as frequently available as Nice buses.     


• Flights to Nice: Nice has a dedicated infrastructure for incoming/outgoing flights. Foreigners can directly land at the Nice Blue Coast Airport (NCE). Flights to other countries and French cities are also available from the Nice Blue Coast Airport. Once you have landed from a foreign country in Nice, it is better to travel by booking a Nice bus. 


Top Bus Routes to and From Nice 

One can check the Nice bus timetable on redBus before booking your seats. The Nice bus timetable on redBus is updated to provide the right info to users. You can also check the seat availability of Nice buses with redBus. For example, you can check the availability of a bus from Nice to Cannes as well the availability of seats in a Nice – Cannes bus. Some of the top bus routes to Nice are given below: 

• Almeria to Nice 

• Cartaya to Nice 

• Verona to Nice 

• Faro to Nice 

• Murcia to Nice 

Some of the popular bus routes from Nice are listed below: 

• Nice to Genoa 

• Nice to Zagreb 

• Nice to Sofia 

• Nice to Milan 

• Nice to Almeria 

Top Things to Do in Nice 

Some of the top things to do in Nice are given below: 

• Visit Musee Matisse: Incorporated in 1963, Musee Matisse is one of the popular museums of Nice. The building of Musee Matisse is known as Villa des Arenes, which was constructed in the 17th century. When Musee Matisse was opened, it occupied the first floor of Villa des Arenes. The rest of the floors of Villa des Arenes were under construction when the museum was opened.

At present, the museum has valuable collections of many paintings, sculptures, ceramics, books, and prints. Many art buffs visit Musee Matisse over the year. You can book a Musee Matisse bus with redBus to travel easily. 

• Visit Marc Chagall National Museum: History buffs will have a great time in Nice as there are many museums to see. Marc Chagall National Museum buses are also available to facilitate the tourists. Inaugurated in 1973, this museum is dedicated to the life works of Marc Chagall, who was a renowned painter of France.

Marc Chagall was known for his religious and mythological paintings which are still displayed inside the museum. With redBus, you can book Marc Chagall National Museum bus tickets at affordable rates.  


• Visit Nice Castle: Once a military citadel, the Nice Castle is a premier historical site of the city. Constructed in the 11th century, the Nice Castles are also one of the oldest castles in the world. Nice Castle was besieged in 1691 which was not acceptable for French troops.

The French troops got it back under their control in 1705. Unfortunately, Nice Castles was destroyed in 1706 under the regime of Louis XIV. At present, Castle Hill is converted into a public park. You can catch a Nice Castle bus from various points in the city and visit this historical site. 

• Visit Fondation Maeght: It is yet another museum of modern art in the Nice city. Fondation Maeght buses are easily available on redBus for quick travel at affordable rates. While booking Nice bus tickets on redBus, select a drop-off point near Fondation Maeght. There are approximately 12,000 pieces of modern art in this museum that attract around 200,000 tourists every year. 

• Visit St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral: Many pilgrimage seekers and architecture buffs visit the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice. St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral buses are easily available from different boarding points in Nice. Constructed in the early 20th century, the Orthodox Cathedral has a unique architectural style and is among the national monuments of France. 

• Parc Phoenix: If you are done with historical attractions in Nice, visit Parc Phoenix. Opened for visitors in 1990, Parc Phoenix is one of the top natural attractions of Nice. You can find Parc Phoenix buses easily on redBus at affordable rates.

Tropical and Mediterranean zones in this park attract many visitors throughout the day. Parc Phoenix also has a reserved area for animals like swans, ducks, turtles, and pelicans. Many other animals are kept in cages in Parc Phoenix. Nice buses can drop you at Parc Phoenix from different boarding points in the city.           


• Visit Cours Saleya Market: One of the major outdoor markets of Nice, Cours Saleya is known for its eateries and flowers. You can also shop for souvenirs at the shops of Cours Saleya Market. The flower shops in Cours Saleya Market are popular all across France. You can find a Cours Saleya Market bus to travel with ease. While booking Nice bus tickets with redBus, make sure you choose Cours Saleya as the dropping point.        


Where to Stay in Nice?

Accommodation facilities are available in Nice for tourists coming from different cities and countries. Along with booking Nice bus tickets in advance, you should also make hotel bookings to avoid any last-minute confusion. Nice is a luxurious city in France with high standards of living. If you want to get a taste of the high standards of living in Nice, book a hotel in the Le Carre d’Or region.

If you are looking for a hotel near the city centre, book a hotel in Old Port. One can also book a hotel in the Vieux Port region if there is a need to stay close to the city centre. For economical hotels in Nice, you can choose the Cimiez or the New Town region. 

What to eat in Nice?

While booking a bus from Nice Bus Station, you can get off at some of the famous food markets in Nice. Nice is well-known in Europe for many sumptuous dishes. The Cours Saleya Market in Nice is popular for its sumptuous cuisines. The best food dishes in Nice are listed below: 

• Socca 

• Salade Nicoise

• Le Pan Bagnat 

• Pissaladiere

• Les Petits Farcis 

• La Daube Niçoise 

• Ratatouille 

• Rose Wine 

Best Time to Visit Nice 

Nice tourism states for different seasons are as follows: 

• Fall/Autumn: Autumn in Nice occurs between September and December and is not a great time for tourists. Tourists from other countries may experience empty tourist spots during the Autumn season in Nice. However, many solo travellers visit Nice during the Autumn season for fewer crowds. Many people prefer to visit the city during the Autumn and then book a bus from Nice to Paris to visit less crowded spots. 

• Winter: The Winters in Nice ends in mid-March. If you are from Asia or any other humid country, you may find it difficult in the cold temperatures of Nice. During the winters, a few tourists visit Nice. Mostly, tourists from different French cities visit Nice during the winters. Nice bus services are available at full capacity in winters also. If you are travelling to Nice in winters, make sure you have packed ample warm clothes. Solo wanderers can also travel to Nice in winters for less crowds. If you love snow, you can travel to Nice during extreme winters for an unforgettable experience.

• Spring: The spring season in Nice lasts between March and June. More tourists come to Nice in the spring season as compared to autumn and winter seasons. Seasonal markets also open in Nice during the spring season for tourists. You can check the availability of Nice buses in the spring season with redBus. The temperature during the spring season is bearable and you do not need warm clothes.

• Summer: June, July, August, and September in Nice experience the summer season. The temperatures can rise drastically during summers in Nice. The best time to visit Nice is summer only as most of the markets will be open. Tourists arrive in high number during the summer season and, Nice buses are available in full capacity. Make sure you have packed ample light clothes for the summer season in Nice.

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