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About Oxford 

Oxford lies in a landlocked county named Oxfordshire situated in Southeast England. Many people know Oxford because of the University of Oxford which is one of the oldest educational institutions on the globe. Historical evidence shows that the University of Oxford has been operational since the tenth century. Besides education, Oxford is also a centre for the IT, science, and publishing industry in England. Oxford city itself is one of the oldest cities in the UK. Founded in the 8th century, Oxford boasts a rich history & culture. Many people come to Oxford to tour the city and to know more about England’s history. 

Oxford buses are the primary means of transportation around the city. Every year, many tourists travel via Oxford buses to different tourist spots. Oxford possesses a marine climate with mild summers. Winters in Oxford are not too cold due to the marine climate. The popular River Thames runs through Oxford city along with Cherwell River. Read on to know more about touring the city via Oxford buses.


Quick Guide to Oxford 

If you are planning a trip to Oxford, you should know about the top tourist attractions, eateries, and accommodation facilities. Oxford offers abundant social amenities for tourists coming from other cities. Tourists arrive not only from other cities in the UK but also from other countries to Oxford every year. If you are planning to tour Oxford, you can start by booking a bus to Oxford. The pre-booking feature of redBus can aid in booking Oxford bus tickets online. Let us see some of the best places to visit and things to do while in Oxford. 

What to See 

The best places to visit while in Oxford are given below: 

• Bodleian Library

• Oxford University 

• Ashmolean Museum 

• Oxford Castle & Prison

• Radcliffe Camera 

• Oxford Botanic Garden 

• History of Science Museum 

What to Do 

The best activities to do in Oxford are listed below:

• Explore the backwaters of Oxford 

• Go for a picnic at Port Meadow 

• Go on a cruise ride in the rivers of Oxford 

• Visit the shooting locations of Harry Potter 

• Explore the churches of Oxford 

• Enjoy sumptuous local dishes of Oxford 

What to Know 

Some of the things to know before visiting Oxford are given below: 

• Summers are not too hot and winters are not too cold in Oxford.

• Oxford bus is a preferred source of transportation in/around the city. 

• There are many shopping markets in Oxford for tourists. 

• You can pre-book bus tickets with redBus to visit the attractions of Oxford. 

• The University of Oxford is the second oldest educational institution on the globe. 

How to Travel to Oxford?

You can travel to Oxford via several means like bus, car, flight, etc. If you are coming to Oxford from some other country, flights are the only option. However, bus services to Oxford are available from many neighbouring countries. Oxford buses are best for travelling from other cities of the UK. You should know the pros and cons of each transportation medium before visiting Oxford. If you are looking for budget travel to Oxford, you should know about the available transit services. Let us see some of the ways one can travel to Oxford. 

• Buses to Oxford: Many bus operators are established in Oxford that have a nationwide presence. Bus Company Oxford, Reading Buses, Stagecoach, Whites Coaches, and Charlton Services are some of the top bus companies in the city. With buses, you can travel to any corner of Oxford city. Oxford bus tickets are cheaper than flight and taxi charges. 

Due to a greater number of bus companies in Oxford, frequent departures to several tourist spots are provided to commuters. You can also find a bus to Oxford from almost all the cities in England. redBus can help you in pre-booking Oxford bus tickets and having a memorable experience. Many bus operators in Oxford also provide sightseeing services to tourists coming from other cities or countries. Besides the central Oxford Bus Station, there are many transit points for buses in the city. 

• Trains to Oxford: The train transportation system of the UK is well-organised. You can find trains to Oxford from numerous cities like Birmingham, Bristol, and London. Frequent trains to/from Oxford are available for only a few cities. For example, London to Oxford train service is provided at frequent intervals. For other cities, you may have to change your trains in between the journey to Oxford. It is why people travelling to England prefer Oxford buses over trains.


• Flights to Oxford: The London Oxford Airport (Kidlington Airport) is the nearest airport to the city centre. Flights to Oxford are perfect for foreigners arriving in the UK. For UK residents in other cities, flight tickets can be costly when you can travel by bus. For travel within Oxford city, you cannot rely on flights. 

Top Bus Routes to and From Oxford 

The bus transportation system of Oxford is well-connected with other cities in England. With redBus, one can view the availability of Oxford buses from any city in England. The Oxford bus timetable on redBus is updated and accurate for user convenience. You can also browse Oxford buses from any specific operator on redBus. For example, you can find a Heathrow to Oxford bus provided by Bus Company Oxford or any other operator. Some of the top bus routes from Oxford are listed below: 

• Oxford to Gatwick 

• Oxford to High Wycombe 

• Oxford to Heathrow 

• Oxford to London 

• Oxford to Hamilton 

• Oxford to Liverpool 

Some of the popular bus routes to Oxford city are given below: 

• Gatwick to Oxford 

• London to Oxford 

• Cambridge to Oxford 

• Swansea to Oxford 

• Derby to Oxford 

• Belfast to Oxford 

Top Things to Do in Oxford 

Some of the best things to do when visiting Oxford are as follows: 

• Visit Bodleian Library: Bodleian Library falls under the jurisdiction of the University of Oxford. It is a premier research library for faculty members and students of Oxford University. Bodleian Library boasts a record 13 million printed items, making it one of the biggest libraries in the world. 

Founded in 1602 by Sir Thomas Bodley, the Bodleian Library has many books, texts, articles, and journals for every subject. You can catch a Bodleian Library bus from the Oxford Bus Station. Tourists coming to see Bodleian Library are also amazed by the marvellous architecture. 

• Know more about Oxford University: Students from all corners of the world dream to study at Oxford University. After all, it is one of the oldest universities in the world. Shreds of evidence suggest that teaching had started at Oxford University during the 10th century. 

Established in 1096, Oxford University is still operational and is a premier educational institution in the UK. Oxford University transit services are available in all parts of the city. You can book an Oxford University bus with redBus within minutes. 

• Visit Ashmolean Museum: This 338-year-old museum is one of the best places in Oxford for history buffs. Ashmolean Museum is the oldest public museum in the UK and was established in 1683. However, the current building of the Ashmolean Museum was constructed during the mid-eighteenth century. 

Many archaeological items are on display in the Ashmolean Museum. One can also find many ancient pieces of fine art on display. You can book an Ashmolean Museum bus online to travel easily with friends/family. 

• Visit Oxford Castle & Prison: Constructed from 1071 to 1073, Oxford Castle & Prison is one of the most important heritage sites in the city. This castle was an important stronghold during the Barons and Anarchy wars. Every year, many tourists catch an Oxford Castle & Prison bus to know more about the history. 

When the civil war ended in the UK, this castle was turned into a prison which was, later closed in 1996. You can view the Oxford buses timetable on redBus to visit this heritage site. 

• Visit Radcliffe Camera: Radcliffe Camera is yet another marvel inside the premises of Oxford University. This building is a fine example of the neoclassical style of architecture. The construction of this architectural marvel started in 1737 and ended in 1749. James Gibbs, the designer of this building, is still remembered for his exquisite style. You can catch a Radcliffe Camera bus from various bus stops in Oxford. 

• Visit Oxford Botanic Garden: Located on Rose Lane, Oxford Botanic Garden is operated by Oxford University. It houses approximately 5,000 varieties of flora and is one of the biggest gardens in the UK. Many nature-buffs and photographers visit the Oxford Botanic Garden for a sense of tranquillity. 

It is located close to the Oxford city centre and bus services are frequently available to the garden. With redBus, you can book Oxford Botanic Garden bus tickets online. Except for Christmas week, Oxford Botanic Garden is open for visitors throughout the year. 

• Visit History of Science Museum: Located on Broad Street, the History of Science Museum was constructed in 1683. The building of the History of Science Museum is called the Old Ashmolean Building. Except for Mondays, visitors can take a tour of the History of Science Museum for free. History of Science Museum buses are frequently available from different locations in Oxford. 

Where to Stay in Oxford?

With fewer residents according to the area of Oxford, abundant accommodation facilities are available for tourists. For tourists coming to Oxford, the best place to stay is near the city centre. You can find cheap and mid-range hotels near the Oxford City Centre. Expensive hotels can also be found near the Oxford City Centre for tourists. 

Oxford buses also drop tourists at some of the popular hotels in the city. Budget-friendly guest houses for tourists can be found in the Abingdon region of Oxford. Tourists can catch South Oxford buses to find quaint hotels that are away from the city rush. If you want to experience a lavish lifestyle while in Oxford, you can find hotels in the New Hinksey area. 

What to Eat in Oxford?

People from different cultures reside in Oxford city. Also, many international students are coming to study at Oxford University. It is why you can find diversity in the food items of Oxford. You can find a Japanese restaurant as well as an Irish restaurant in Oxford city. Some of the best dishes to try when in Oxford are as follows: 

• Summer Pudding 

• Piccalilli 

• Omelette Arnold Bennett

• Eton Mess

• Banoffee Pie 

• Steak & Kidney Pie 

• Kentish Huffkins 

Best Time to Visit Oxford 

Oxford tourism for different seasons are as follows: 

• Fall Season: The fall season in Oxford starts from September and lasts till November. Oxford experiences a marine climate so, there is not much cold during the fall season. Tourists come to Oxford throughout the year but are comparatively lower during the fall season. If you are travelling to Oxford in the fall season only, try to travel in September when the season starts. Having said that, many solo travellers still book Oxford buses during the fall season as they want to travel in peace. 

 • Winter Season: Due to the marine climate, winters don’t get chilly in Oxford. However, you still need to pack some warm clothes when travelling to Oxford during winter. Not many tourists will be there on the streets of Oxford during winters so you can travel in peace. However, the shops in Oxford may close early in winter. You won’t have trouble finding Oxford buses during the winter season. Oxford buses are available for tourists in all seasons. 

• Spring Season: Spring is a better season to travel to Oxford than the winter and autumn season. The trees shed their leaves during this season and Oxford streets are covered with spring leaves. The weather does not create disturbances for tourists in the spring season. However, some seasonal markets in Oxford can remain closed during the spring season. 

• Summer Season: Summer is the best season to plan a trip to Oxford. Summers in Oxford last from June to August. The temperature in Oxford during the summers remains around 20 degrees. Oxford buses run at full capacity during the summer season. You can check the availability of Oxford buses next summer from redBus to plan your trip.

Boarding Points in Oxford

Book a Oxford bus to any of the other cities you want to visit by starting off your journey from one of the popular boarding points in Oxford. The boarding points in Oxford vary from one operator to the other. Given below are the popular boarding points in Oxford:

  • Oxford Gloucester Green Bus Station
  • Oxford St Giles'
  • Oxford Gloucester Green
  • Oxford Thornhill Park and Ride
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Dropping Points in Oxford

You can check the list of dropping points in Oxford and select the most suitable one according to your convenience. The drop-off points in Oxford vary according to bus operators. Take a look at the popular dropping points in Oxford

  • Oxford Gloucester Green Bus Station
  • Oxford Beaumont Street
  • Oxford St Giles'
  • Oxford Gloucester Green
  • Oxford Thornhill Park and Ride
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Oxford Online Bus Ticket Booking

The buses plying in Oxford can be opted as a travel option by many. Booking bus tickets online in Oxford is easy, fast and can be booked securely on redbus.com.


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How do I book my bus tickets at Oxford?
You can book a bus ticket to Oxford simply by visiting the redBus website, selecting the country, and filling up the details of your source and destination cities. redBus website is user-friendly, and with the help of easy-to-follow steps, you can book bus tickets to Oxford within a few minutes.
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