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About Split 

Located in the Dalmatia region, Split is a popular Croatian city. On one end, Split city touches the shore of the Adriatic Sea. Since Split was founded in the 2nd century BC, it boasts a rich history and culture. Split has witnessed the Illyrian war and saw the regime of the Byzantine empire. The rich history of Split is reflected by the heritage sites still present in the city. Possessing a humid subtropical climate, Split experiences hot summers and wet winters. 

Split has many tourist attractions and is a tourism hub in Croatia. Tourists coming to the city rely on Split buses to see different tourist spots. You can find a bus to Split from different regions of Croatia and neighbouring countries. Besides being a historical city, Split is also an advanced city with abundant social amenities. Croatia has many cultural centres, and Split is one of them. Tourists can find ample dining, accommodation, and transportation facilities in Split. Read on to know more about Split buses and tourism. 

Quick Guide to Split 

Before you visit Croatia, you should know about your tourist destinations. Planning your trip to Split will help you in avoiding confusion at the last hour. You can start by booking Split bus tickets before your journey. You will enjoy the Split bus pre-booking feature offered by redBus. For foreigners visiting Croatia, they should choose trusted sources for online hotel or bus booking. With redBus, you do not need to worry about authentic Split bus tickets. Let us see some of the things to do and places to visit in Split (Croatia). 

What to See 

Some of the best tourist attractions in Split are given below: 

• Diocletian’s Palace

• Saint Domnius Cathedral 

• Bacvice Beach 

• Kasjuni Beach 

• Riva Harbour

• Split City Museum 

• Marjan Park 

What to Do 

Some of the top things to do for tourists in Split are as follows: 

• Go shopping at the Green Market 

• Relive the history by visiting the heritage sites of Split 

• Hit the beaches of Split 

• Walk along the famous Riva Promenade 

• Check out the museums of Split 

• Go sightseeing in a Split bus 

What to Know 

Some of the things to know before planning your trip to Split are as follows: 

• Winters in Split can get wet so pack your clothes accordingly. 

• Split buses are preferred by most of the tourists coming to Croatia. 

• You won’t find a Starbucks outlet in Croatia. 

• Many beaches can be found in Split city. 

• Clubs and pubs can be commonly found in Split. 

How to Travel to Split?

The Croatian government has invested hugely in developing public transportation systems for tourists and residents. From Split buses to flights, there are several means of transportation available in Croatian city. Before booking transportation services in Croatia, one should know the benefits of each type of transportation medium. 

The bus, train, and flight transportation system of Split is well-managed. Car and bike rental services are also offered by many in Split. Ferries are also available for tourists to explore the backwaters of Split. Let us know more about transportation services in Split city. 

• Buses to Split: Most of the tourists from other Croatian cities book a bus to Split. Many cross-border buses also come to Split from neighbouring countries. Buses are affordable means of transportation in Split. Car rental services in Split can cost much in Split as compared to Split buses. Split buses go everywhere in the city.

There are around 19 local bus routes within Split city. People also prefer suburban bus lines from Split to travel to other Croatian cities. You can find Split buses to almost all the cities of Croatia on redBus. For example, you can book a bus Zagreb Split or a Zadar Split bus with redBus easily. There are Split bus stations in the city that help in the on-time operation of buses. The presence of several bus companies in Split city helps the tourists and daily commuters. 

• Trains to Split: Trains are also available in Split city for commuters. Local train connections within Split city are to Solin and Kastela. Split trains also go to some of the neighbouring cities like Zagreb and Zadar. Many tourists hop on to trains in Croatia just to see the local train system. When Split buses can get you anywhere in the city, why would you prefer trains that have limited connections? Also, there are fewer trains as compared to buses in Split city. 

• Flights to Split: Foreigners usually depend on Split flights for entering Croatia. Among the nine international airports of Croatia, the Split Airport serves as a point for many inbound flights. Outbound flights to foreign countries are also available from Split Airport. For local travel within Split, you have to again choose Split buses. 

Top Bus Routes to and From Split 

With many local and suburban connections, tourists can find daily departures to several prominent locations. One can view the Split bus timetable on redBus to plan their journey. You don’t have to provide login credentials for seeing the Split bus timetable on the redBus platform. Split buses are available throughout the day at regular intervals. Tourists can find Split bus services in day and as well as night. For more info about Split buses, you can search on redBus. Some of the popular bus routes from Split are mentioned below: 

• Split to Zagreb 

• Split to Podumljak

• Split to Osijek 

• Split to Turanj 

• Split to Rogoznica 

Some of the famous bus routes to Split city are as follows: 

• Osijek to Split 

• Zagreb to Split 

• Crikvenica to Split

• Grebastica to Split 

• Vela Luka to Split 

• Tisno to Split 

Top Things to Do in Split 

Some of the best things to do for tourists in Split are given below: 

• Visit the Diocletian’s Palace: The Diocletian’s Palace in Split is evidence of the rich history of Croatia. Constructed in the 4rth century AD, this palace was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. This palace was constructed for Diocletian, who was a Roman emperor. This palace was built on a wide scale and, even today it covers half of the Old Town in Split. One can find a Diocletian’s Palace bus via redBus to visit this historical site. 

• Visit Saint Domnius Cathedral: The Saint Domnius Cathedral or Sveti Dujam is an important pilgrimage site for Christians. The Saint Domnius Cathedral is yet another piece of evidence of the rich history of Split city. Constructed in the 7th century AD, many Christians visit this church every day. Among the churches in the world that are used in their original structure, Saint Domnius Cathedral is the oldest. Even if you are not a Christian, you will be in awe of the architectural beauty of this cathedral church. Saint Domnius Cathedral buses in Split can help you to get there quickly.


• Enjoy at Bacvice Beach: Located near the city centre, Bacvice Beach is one of the heavily visited natural attractions of Split. There are many bars and eateries around Bacvice Beach that attract many tourists. People are allowed to take a bath at this sandy beach in Split. Many local people also visit Bacvice Beach to play picigin, which is a popular local sport in Split. The Croatian government has ensured that the water at Bacvice Beach will be clean. You can catch a Bacvice Beach bus to travel with your friends or family members. While booking Split bus tickets online, select Bacvice Beach as your drop off point. 

• Visit the Kasjuni Beach: Kasjuni Beach in Split experiences fewer visitors than Bacvice Beach which makes it a hidden gem. The beautiful view of the Marjan Forest from Kasjuni Beach is a treat for visitors. Tourists are allowed to take a bath at this pebble beach in Split. A small portion of Kasjuni Beach is reserved for pet animals. Kasjuni Beach buses are available from different locations in Split. 

• Visit Riva: Riva is said to be the stage of Split city. It is said because most of the cultural and festive events happen in Riva. The Riva Harbour is extremely popular among tourists for a picturesque view of the Adriatic Sea. There are many bars and restaurants in the Riva region to make your day. One can find Riva buses easily on redBus from different locations in Croatia. 

• Visit the Split City Museum: Constructed in 1946, the Split City Museum is located inside Diocletian's Palace. This museum showcases the history of Split and also of Croatia. For history buffs, there are many ancient artefacts at the Split City Museum. One can book seats in a Split City Museum bus to travel with ease. 

• Marjan Park: Many people go on walking and hiking tours at Marjan Park. Located close to the St. Francis Church in Riva, you will be amazed by the picturesque views at Marjan Park. Marjan Park buses are readily available for tourists from different bus stations in Split. 

• Go for Shopping at Green Market: Located in the East Split, Green Market is a popular market for tourists. Green Market is known for its fresh vegetables, meats, and flowers. Readymade dishes are also available in the Green Market. You can also look for cheap clothes, shoes, and souvenirs at the Green Market. redBus can help you in booking a Green Market bus in simple steps. 

Where to Stay in Split?

There are many accommodation facilities in Split for tourists. If you want to witness the luxury of Croatia, you should find the hotel in Split Old Town. For travellers looking for cheap hotels in Split, the Radunica region is perfect. Families coming to Split city usually choose hotels in the Znjan region. If you want to experience the nightlife of Split, you should choose a hotel in the Bacvice region. Split buses also stop at some of the popular hotels in the city. 

What to Eat in Split?

The split city will offer you the perfect gastronomic experience in Croatia. There are many eateries and bars in Split that are open at night too. People of Split love to eat/cook food which is evident from their local recipes. While booking a Split Zg bus or a Dubrovnik Split bus, or any other bus on redBus, you can choose to drop off near a popular eatery or bar. Some of the best dishes to try in Split are listed below: 

• Scampi and Shells 

• Black Risotto

• Dalmatian Brodetto

• Pasticada Stewed Beef

• Dalmatian Fritters 

• Rozata 

Best Time to Visit Split 

The state of Split tourism in different seasons is as follows: 

• Fall Season: The months of September and October bring the fall season in Split, Croatia. They are also the best months to visit Split city. Most of the crowd disperse from Split by September and, you get to see the real beauty of Croatia. Also, the Adriatic Sea is still a little warm to take a bath. Solo travellers love to book Split buses during the fall season and see the tourist attractions with less rush. 

• Winter Season: The winters in Split can get a little wet due to rainfall. The rainfall during the winter season can become a hindrance in touring Split city. You will find Split buses during winter also but, the climate will not suit tourism. If you are still touring Split during winters, make sure to pack a raincoat and an umbrella. 

• Spring Season: April and May bring the spring season in Split, Croatia. One can tour Split city during the spring season for picturesque views. Many people book buses to other Croatian cities from Split to explore more. For example, Split Rijeka buses and Split Zagreb buses are preferred by tourists. 

• Summer Season: Summers can get dry in Split but not too hot. The water at the beaches of Split is warm during the summer season. However, the water of the Split beaches is not warm enough during the summers to stop you from taking a dip. Split buses will be available at full capacity during the summers.

Split Online Bus Ticket Booking

The buses plying in Split can be opted as a travel option by many. Booking bus tickets online in Split is easy, fast and can be booked securely on redbus.com.


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