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Travel Restrictions in Chile due to Covid-19

Chile Travel Restrictions

Last updated on: 20th May 2021

The Government of Chile has issued certain travel restrictions, for both its citizens and visitors, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Whether it's a business trip or a casual vacation, do take a couple of minutes to read the updated Chile travel restrictions before planning out your next trip. From information on the documents required to let you enter Chile to guidelines that are imposed and followed within the country, read on to get an idea of how to adjust your itinerary when you enter Chile. The Chile travel restrictions do change as the COVID-19 situation in Chile evolves, so stay up-to-date with the latest information displayed on the redBus website. redBus offers a plethora of bus options that follow safety protocols to the T. Read on to know more about the Chile travel restrictions, documents to carry, and safety guidelines to follow when you visit Chile.

** European Union countries have decided to open their borders to select non-EU countries which would include people from Britain as well as vaccinated Americans. It should be noted that the opening of EU countries might not be universal as countries can individually ask for a negative COVID-19 test or can impose a period of quarantine on arrival. A new list of eligible counties will be prepared and released either this week or early next week. **

Covid-19 Restrictions to Keep in Mind When Travelling to and from Chile

Key points to keep in mind:

  • Besides the residents of Chile, all other passengers (non-residents) coming to Chile are banned from entering the nation due to the COVID-19 scenario until 31st May 2021.
  • The citizens or permanent residents of Chile can enter the country only after showing their negative RT-PCR test reports to the respective authorities.
  • You may be subjected to a compulsory COVID test on arrival to Chile followed by a quarantine of 5 days at a government facility.
  • Chile is currently under a night curfew that lasts from 11 PM to 5 AM daily. All the activities by passengers are to be carried out keeping the curfew timings in mind.
  • If subjected to COVID-19 test while entering Chile, the passenger has to spend the 5-day quarantine (compulsory) at their own expense. The 5-day mandatory lockdown is followed by 5-day self-quarantine, only if the passenger is found COVID negative as per the latest test reports.

What are the travel restrictions followed in Chile?

  • The entry of people coming from foreign countries is only allowed for Chileans or permanent residents. International travel for other passengers is strictly banned in Chile. An exception for international passengers is made, in the case of countries without community transmission, as per the WHO reports. International travel from Chile is also banned except for some special cases like humanitarian grounds, health issues, etc.

What are the documents required while travelling to Chile?

  • Before travelling to Chile, visit www.C19.CL and fill out the affidavit for travellers. If you are a resident of Chile and left the country after the 28th of March (2021), then you will have to pay the required amount for a transit hotel.
  • Don’t forget to carry a negative RT-PCR test report with you for entering Chile. Make sure that the RT-PCR report is not older than 72 hours from your arrival in Chile.
  • Diplomatic passengers should carry an official passport issued by their organisation. If your parents are a resident of Chile, then carry a document that proves your relationship for entering the nation.

Are there any quarantine rules that should be followed in Chile?

  • If you are a minor and a resident of Chile then you can quarantine yourselves at home and there is no need to pay for a transit hotel.
  • Chileans/foreigners who are not minors will have to complete the 10-day quarantine period upon entering Chile. Passengers will have to pay for the transit hotel and quarantine themselves for the first five days. Passengers will have to complete the other five days of quarantine at home (self-quarantine).

What guidelines do I have to follow while in Chile?

  • You will have to follow various safety measures issued by the authorities while in Chile like social distancing, wearing a mask, maintaining sanitary standards, etc.
  • Domestic border travel in Chile can be subject to availability and one may go through testing and quarantine.
  • Upon your arrival to Chile, you will have to fill the contact tracing form that will help the authorities to track your travel history.
  • Visit the official website of Chile to know more about COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocols to follow.